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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

“I’m sorry Ruth,” you tell her. “My body is telling me yes, but my heart says no. I’m in a relationship and I can’t do this. John is an awful person, but this isn’t the way to get back at him.”

“You’re right,” she tells you. “I’m really overreacting. This isn’t that right thing to do. I’ll call my lawyer and let him know about the pictures.” She pauses, and then an expression hits her face, as if she suddenly remembered something. “Oh, and I won’t tell John how I know that he’s cheating. I don’t want this coming back and hurting you.”

You thank Ruth for her discretion, and let her know you’re gonna hit the road. As you stand to leave Ruth hops off the couch and walks out of the room herself. You allow yourself one last longing glance at her tight ass, but you know you’ve made the right decision.

You don’t tell your girlfriend everything that happened at John’s house, but you let her know the gist. She’s delighted that your effects worked, and hopes that it has some effect. John isn’t at work the next day, or a few days after that. He ends up resigning as a result of his ugly divorce, and moves somewhere far away. It comes to light that Rachel wasn’t the only mistress in John’s life, and the evidence results in shame for him and a healthy settlement for Ruth.

As for you and Rachel, your life returns to normal. In the end, the experience did a little to spice up your sex life, but for the most part didn’t change anything. And in the end, you’re perfectly content with that.

The End