Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

Something in the back of your mind screams that this is wrong, but your body doesn’t care. You almost leap across the couch to Ruth and kiss her hard on the lips. She responds in kind, and you waste no time exploring each other’s mouths. Your hands grope wildly, and you both tear off your shirts as the exploration continues. You expertly unclip her bra, and soon one hand is massaging her breasts while the other grips her ass. You drop your mouth down to help your hand, and Ruth moans in pleasure as you suck her nipple. You’ve never been with a MILF, and you’re finding the experience quite exhilarating. Your heart feels like it’s about to pound out of your chest, and your cock is already fighting against its restraints like some kind of caged animal.

Ruth seems to notice, and doesn’t seem interested in extending foreplay. She drops to her knees in front of the couch, and unbuckles your pants with impressive speed. Your lengthy dick springs forth, and you expect her to play around a little bit before really getting to work on sucking. Ruth once again shatters your expectations, and deep throats you with a second thought. You let out a terrific moan as her tongue gives you pleasure you never even imagined could come from a woman’s mouth. The thought crosses your mind that Rachel has never given you head this good, but you quickly push any thought of her out of your mind. Ruth is the only woman in the world for you right now.

After a few minutes, Ruth pops up from her knees. You’re thankful, because you honestly weren’t sure you were going to last much longer considering her exquisite technique. Ruth slides off her pants and thong, and you kneel down in preparation to eat her out.

“What are you doing?” Ruth demands.

“Returning the favor?” you say, somewhat confused.

“Don’t do that! I don’t want your tongue, just give me your fucking cock!” Ruth raises her ass in the air so she is facing you in prime doggy style position. You see no need to protest her command and you quickly position yourself before stabbing into her with a ferocity.

Having a few kids and fucking for years has loosened up Ruth’s cunt considerably and her wetness only adds to the effect. You slide in and out of her with ease and are slamming into her with all your might within seconds. Ruth moans, and you smack her ass a few times as you continue your pounding. Unfortunately for you, your dick hasn’t had much chance to recover, and you get the feeling that you won’t last much longer.

“Put in my ass, it’s a bit tighter there,” Ruth tells you. You pull out, and allow yourself and your shaft a quick breather. You’ve never done anal before, and you have a feeling this is going to be the big finish. Ruth is fingering herself with an impatient ferocity, and she hasn’t mentioned a need for lube or stretching. It looks like you’re going in dry. With a deep breath, you penetrate into her asshole.

This time you’re stopped a few inches in, and the tightness is milking your dick incredibly. Ruth relaxes some more, and once again you’re in to your hilt. You begin to thrust in and out, and you feeling a powerful orgasm welling in your balls. You lose any semblance of control, and slam Ruth as hard and fast as humanely possible. With a mighty groan, you empty your balls into her ass, and you feel wave after wave of jizz shoot out of your cock as you cum harder than ever before. After what seems like minutes the pleasure subsides, and you collapse on the couch beside Ruth, watching the cum leak out her ravaged ass. And surprisingly, the post-orgasmic guilt you feel isn’t that bad.

It takes a few days, but inevitably the truth comes out. Rachel dumps you in a fit of rage, and in the blink of any eye is gone from your life. John and Ruth file for divorce, and it has the makings of a pretty ugly trial. You continue to fuck Ruth for a few months while the divorce is finalized, but when the dust clears you realize you want no part of raising the kids with her. Unfortunately for you, that causes the sex to stop, but you still have some amazing memories and a healthy collection of pictures to prove it.

Ultimately, the whole mess gives you some incredible sexual experiences, but you often wonder what could have been if you had resisted Ruth. What you had with your girlfriend was special, but she ends up with some other guy before you can even begin to think about how to apologize. Even John picks up a new office slut, and in the end you’re left the odd man out. But hey, you’ve got literally thousands of pictures of two super-hot chicks that you’ve banged. So go crazy.

The End