Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Aeron...)

You stop Rachel from leaping onto Amy. “I guess you want to know what we’re doing here?” you say, suppressing a smile.

Amy stares at you. “Yeah, and why you and your girlfriend are naked!”

You smile. “Well we were hoping to have a little threesome with you.”

Amy stares at you as if you were crazy. “But you’re my brother!”

You grab your long, fat cock and rub it. “So?”

Amy looks at your cock. “So… um…”

Rachel walks over to Amy, sits on her lap, and pulls her into a deep kiss. When she breaks away, Amy looks at you, and then at your dick. “Why not?”

Rachel giggles and pulls off Amy’s shirt and bra. She pulls Amy back in for another kiss while playing with her tits. You walk over behind Rachel, and she shifts her position so that you have full access to her pussy, but she’s still on your sister’s lap.

You slide you cock into Rachel’s pussy and begin pounding away. Rachel, meanwhile is still kissing Amy, and has slid her hand down Amy’s pants, causing her to moan into the kiss. You continue to pound away, and you can feel your orgasm coming. Rachel is now violently fingering Amy’s pussy, and you know you won’t last much longer.

Amy orgasms violently, squirting her juices all over Rachel’s hand. Rachel orgasms too, and the sensation of her pussy walls clapping down on your dick is too much, and you full her tight pussy with cum. You pull out, and Rachel and Amy stand up.

Rachel grabs your dick, and seductively says, “I see you’re still hard as ever!” She looks at Amy. “How about round two?”

Amy nods. “I want it in me this time!” She pulls down her pants and underwear, revealing her shaven pussy. “What position should we try first?”

Rachel looks at you. “Let’s let Ross decide!”