Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Aeron...)

You walk over to Amy, grab her thin legs, and force them apart.

“Ross? What the fuck are doing?”

You say nothing and start rubbing your hard cock against Amy’s jeans, right where her pussy is.

“S-stop. Oh!”

You can feel her pussy getting wet through the fabric of her jeans. Rachel walks over to your step-sister and sits beside her. She pulls Amy’s shirt off and undoes her bra, exposing her tits. Rachel begins to suck on Amy’s tits, making her moan even louder than she was before. Amy begins to grind with you, and before you know it, she orgasms. Her pants are now are sopping mess of her juices, so you take the liberty of pulling down both her pants and underwear, revealing your sister’s shaven pussy, and leaving her completely naked.

You get ready to push your cock inside of her wet pussy, but she objects. “Ross, wait, we can’t do this, we’re siblings!”

You only smile, and push your long fat cock into her pussy, causing her to scream. You begin to slide your cock back and forth, and she moans. “W-wait. Stop!”

You pound into Amy harder. She tries to stop you and then gives in to her first orgasm. “Yes! F-fuck my pussy, bro! Harder! Faster!”

You happily oblige — pounding into her as fast and hard as possible. Meanwhile, Rachel sits on Amy’s face and Amy begins eating her out. You continue to pound into your sister’s tight, wet, cunt. She moans into Rachel’s pussy, and she orgasms. Rachel orgasms too, squirting her juices all over Amy’s face.

You almost cum, but you manage to hold it as you pull out. You sit down on the couch and Amy and Rachel sit on their knees in between your legs. Rachel begins to deep threat your cock, while Amy fondles your balls. You can feel yourself coming close, so you say “I’m gonna cum!”

Rachel stops sucking you, and pumps your dick with your hand as the two of them position their faces in front of your dick. You finally orgasm, spraying your seed all over their faces. Rachel pulls Amy in for a kiss, and they swap cum. You sit there, watching your sister and your girlfriend kiss with your jizz all over their faces, thinking that you must be the luckiest guy in the world.

The End