Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

You wordlessly nod, and are about to stand when Robby drops to your level. You were going to stand for your blowjob, but lying on the ground certainly isn’t bad. You lie back and prepare to receive your reward. You see Rachel out of the corner of your eye, and she’s still masturbating with vigor. She’s removed her clothing for easier access, and you can see from her erect nipples and ample wetness that she’s more than a little turned on.

Suddenly your thoughts are broken by an unexpected sensation. Robby’s hand is jerking away at your dick, but his mouth is… a little bit lower. Your mouth almost opens to protest, but you suddenly realize that you’re enjoying the sensation of your first rimjob. Your protest instead turns into a moan of approval, and Rachel echoes your moan with one of her own. You now understand why John made your girlfriend rim him. The feeling of Robby’s tongue slipping in and out of your asshole is incredible. The thought crosses your mind that Rachel could start rimming you, but it is quickly replaced by the thought of Robby doing it instead. And for some reason, that thought is way hotter.

Just as soon as the rimjob began it’s over, but Robby wastes no time transitioning. He envelops your dick into his mouth with impressive speed, and his tongue moves all around your sensitive head. You moan again, and suddenly notice that Rachel is no longer on the bed. She’s right beside you, still stuffing her pussy with her own fingers, and she leans down toward your face. You think she’s going in for a kiss, but to your surprise she begins to eagerly eat Robby’s cum off your face. Robby is continuing to deep-throat your cock, and you know without a doubt that this is the best blowjob you’ve ever received.

Rachel finishes her cleanup job, and then gives you a deep kiss. The familiar taste of her lips mingles with the strong taste of Robby’s cum as she lets it dribble into your mouth. This is just too much for you, but with your mouth locked with Rachel’s you have no way of warning Robby. You explode into his mouth, taking him by surprise, and your subsequent jets land all over his face. It’s more cum than you can ever remember shooting, and you don’t know whether you should attribute it to the anal stimulation or some deeply buried bisexual streak.

Rachel doesn’t give you time to think about what just happened, as you breaks off her kiss, leaving your mouth full of her friend’s cum. She then sexily crawls toward Robby, who takes it remarkably well for a gay man as she licks your cum off his face. She turns back around, and you have a good idea what’s coming. Your suspicions aren’t wrong, and soon your mouth is full of your own cum as well, a sensation you haven’t experienced since some weird experimenting in high school. With a gulp you swallow it all down, and Rachel finally collapses on the ground beside you, completely spent. You can tell from her flushed features and trembling thighs that she had a pretty good orgasm herself at some point in the fray, which isn’t all too common for her. Maybe this is the start of something much bigger than just screwing over John.

This does turn out to be the case. Rachel gets her old position back and little changes in her work situation, but your sex life explodes. Robby is a regular feature, and as you indulge some of your homoerotic tendencies, he learns how to help keep Rachel happy. It turns out she really likes rimbjobs too. It takes a few months, but soon everything is on the table. You and Robby fuck each other in the ass, Rachel pegs the both of you, and you even let Robby enjoy the pleasures of her perfect pussy. As if this wasn’t enough, the experience with Robby opens up the avenue for more threesomes. Rachel lets you fuck her best friend Monica, and then shows you that you’re not the only that can swing both ways. And then you invite both Monica and Robby over, and… well you get the idea. Ultimately, the whole ordeal with John is forgotten. Hell, if he wasn’t such an asshole, you’d even invite him to one of your orgies. But fuck him.

The End