Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

“Well Rachel, it’s really up to you. But if you’re game, I am. All I want is to keep getting sexy videos,” you say.

Rachel seems to consider this for a while, but then responds. “What the hell, let’s do it. Maybe if I’m lucky, one of John’s buddies can actually give me a real fucking.” You both have a good laugh at John’s smaller penis, but there’s a bit of truth to what your girlfriend is saying. You have a feeling that she really is longing for some crazy intense fucking, and this might be how she gets it.

The next day Rachel dresses in her typically slutty fashion, this time choosing some tight slacks and going without panties. The day progresses as normal, and around noon you receive a quick video of John nailing Rachel doggy-style and a pic of her cum covered ass. A few weeks ago this would have been crazy, but today it’s just par for the course. Later that day, things change. The texts come from John’s phone this time, and this time it’s not him having his way with your girlfriend.

You recognize the other man as one of the execs at Rachel’s job, although you don’t know his name. The video is about two minutes long, and Rachel simply gives the exec a topless blowjob. He doesn’t last long and quickly blows his load all over her tits, and you notice his cock is even smaller than John’s.

“Had fun sharing your girlfriend today,” the text from John says. “Looks like she’s on her way to becoming the office slut.” You feel a twinge of jealously, but your horniness quickly counters it. It’s just one more guy who didn’t even last through a blowjob, and you still have the biggest dick she’s ever taken. Besides, isn’t this what you wanted?

As the weeks go by, you get more of what you wanted. There’s still plenty of videos that just involve John, but that quickly starts to change. Rachel gets loaned out to other execs, a few of John’s lower level buddies, and is even instrumental in “sealing a deal” with a big client who comes in. The videos also gradually start including more and more people. John and the exec from before film the first threesome, spit-roasting Rachel briefly before the exec again blows his load far too soon. It’s pretty obvious why he’s not getting much sex at home. A few other threesomes occur, and Rachel starts to experience a whole new range of positions. At one point, she even does double penetration, much to your horny amazement. You’re blown away yet again the next day by a clip that briefly includes her first foursome, double penetration with a third dick jammed in her mouth. Your girlfriend is learning quickly.

Things are going great, but one day there’s finally a video that bothers you. You get home from work and hook up your computer to your TV. You’ve started waiting until you get home from work to watch the day’s clips, and reward yourself by watching them in full HD splendor. The added bonus is that Rachel often arrives home in the middle of your watching, which usually leads to some flat out dirty sex.

There’s only one video today, but it’s almost forty minutes long. It seems that John has decided to reward a young IT guy for his work in fixing a bug on the company website, and he brings him into his office where Rachel is waiting. Things progress pretty normally, as Rachel starts out with a strip tease that is becoming pretty customary for new “clients.” You almost skip ahead, but instead amuse yourself by predicting her moves, which you do with a pretty high success rate. After all, she’s practiced on you more than a couple of times.

But then the video takes more of a turn. Rachel finishes her dance, and is now nude except for some outrageous heels. The IT guy has already removed his shirt, but now strips off his pants. Out of his boxers springs a massive dick, at least eight inches and probably a little bit more. Rachel seems just as surprised as you are. Up until now you’ve seen only a few dicks that compare to yours, and none that are clearly bigger. But this young IT guy blows you out of the water. You realize for the first time that he’s a pretty good looking guy too, despite the IT stereotype. A nervous feeling forms in your stomach, but you can’t turn away. Rachel starts to give a blowjob, but it seems her efforts are a little ambitious. She gags several times, an event that has become less and less regular the last few months. After a few minutes she seems to give up, and positions herself in an ideal position for missionary on the couch that John had put in the office for such occasions.

The young stud steps up, and begins to push into your girlfriend. She lets out a mighty moan, and you can tell she’s struggling to take such a sizeable cock. The pace starts slow, but a few minutes in the IT guy start to pick up. Rachel is starting to get into it, and suddenly pushes the man down so he’s lying flat on the couch. She quickly adjusts herself, and practically hops onto his dick, letting out a moan of pleasure as she rides him cowgirl style. He grabs her by the hips and thrusts as much as he can to match her bounces, and for the first time all eight-plus inches are sliding in and out of your girlfriend’s pussy with ease. You’re amazed he’s lasting this long, and Rachel seems determined to change that. She repositions herself once again, climbing off his shaft with a grunt of effort and getting on her knees on the couch. He seems to understand what she’s getting at it, and stands behind her on the couch before pounding into her doggy-style.

The IT guy isn’t holding anything back, and he thrusts without mercy. Somehow, this still isn’t enough for Rachel, who screams “Fuck me, fuck me!” and “Harder!” repeatedly. You see her tense up and then let loose a moan that borders on a scream as she orgasms. This doesn’t change the IT guy’s philosophy, and even the crazy vibrations inside her pussy don’t make him blow his load. Rachel is now begging him to fuck her in every way possible, and he seems to find a second gear. The assault on her cunt proves too much, and you watch in amazement as she cums all over his dick for the second time in only a matter of minutes. This finally puts the young man over the edge, and he squirts stream after stream of hot jizz into Rachel’s pussy. You’re thankful (not for the first time) for birth control as she spins around and passionately kisses him, his massive load of cum still leaking out of her pussy. You swear you see her mouth “thank you,” as she gets on her knees and sucks the remains of his seed off his cock.

You sit on the couch stunned as the video ends. You’re lucky if you can make Rachel cum once in a week, and this guy just did it twice without any foreplay. For the first time in this whole ordeal you feel cucked. This random IT guy just gave your girlfriend the fucking of her lifetime, and you just sat and watched the whole thing. Looking down, you notice you even jizzed in your pants at some point during the video. You’re not sure you were even jerking off.

All at once, you hear the door. With a start, you realize that Rachel should have been home half-an-hour ago, and you can’t help but think that what you just watched has something to do with her late arrival. You also realize that it’s now or never if you’re going to confront her about what happened today.