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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

“I think John is getting enough,” you tell Rachel. “And honestly, I’m not comfortable with you doing anything more. What’s happening right now is kind of crazy, and anything beyond it would be really crazy. You could wind up getting hurt or fired really easily.”

Much to your relief Rachel is okay with this perspective, although she’s worried John might not see things her way. You spend the evening writing up a formal response to John. It uses the same fancy language as his proposition, but essentially just tells him that he’s the only one allowed to fuck her. Rachel hands him the document the next morning, and to your surprise John seems content not to push his luck. He responds by bending Rachel over his desk and fucking her, but he never does invite any of his friends to participate.

It does occur to you that several of John’s friends are probably receiving the same videos you are, but you’re thankful enough for the way things turned out that you don’t get pushy in this area. You’re guessing John has arrived at the same solution, and is content to simply show his buddies the tapes as long as he gets to screw your girlfriend. It’s a delicate and strange balance, but it works for your weird twisted sex triangle.

All-in-all, the experience continues for about two years. Corporate moves John into another district where he will make a lot more money, and he makes no attempt to take Rachel with him. You wind up with a few hundred raunchy clips of Rachel screwing her boss, and you watch one with her every now and then to spice up your sex life. Rachel still sends lewd pictures to John if she’s looking for a fun sexy chat, and they hook up when he’s in town. The clips and little rendezvous are exciting, but her heart is with you, and after everything is said and done John is really just a nice way to spice up your wonderful relationship.

The End