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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by MonkeyDick...)

You quickly pull out and say, “I said that I wouldn’t fuck you in the ass on good behavior. Attempting to make me cum that fast does not fall under the category of good behavior!” Not that it mattered of course, as you fully intended to fuck Monica in the ass regardless of what she did.

You forcefully turn her over and start to navigate your way in. Her athletic shorts are so firm fitting that they never really stood a chance. You are so enthusiastic about what’s about to happen, that you rip her pants straight down the middle and tear them off. You then use what was once her pants as a rope to tie her hands behind her back.

“Please don’t,” Monica stammers. “I’ve never — aaah!” Her protests are cut short by a scream, half of pleasure and half of pain as you ram your dick balls-deep up her luscious ass. You have a relatively easy time as you begin fucking her, as her spit from the blowjob provides the perfect lubrication. With one hand you pull back on her auburn hair, so that you can look into her blue eyes, now wide with a combination of fear, pleasure and pain. You feel her ass tightening, and realize that just like you, Monica is close to cumming. At that moment you feel an intense desire to kiss her, and seeing as nothing is stopping you, you grab her by the neck with your free hand and then intertwine your tongue with hers as the two of you climax simultaneously.

You release Monica from the embrace and notice that you have fucked Monica so hard that she passed out when she came. You put her down gently, and untie her wrists. As you begin to walk away, you start to give your base instincts a pat on the back as you just fucked the best ass in the world. That is, until Rachel comes into the clearing.

“What the fuck, Ross?” she asks. “We were supposed to rape her together!” A wicked smile plays across her face. “I still want to hunt down someone tonight though.”