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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

Long story short, your argument with Rachel is one for the ages. She’s genuinely offended that you would ask her to stop screwing guys for John out of nowhere, and thinks you’re being insecure over nothing. You counter with the evidence found in the tape and tell her she’s crossed the line. She asks why you should have fun when she can’t. You tell her there’s a difference between having fun and becoming attached. And on and on it goes. The argument started with you both making some good points, but it eventually derails into yelling and accusations. Rachel storms out of the house, angry and crying, and drives off. You try repeatedly the next few hours to contact her, but to no avail.

You go to bed and toss and turn in your sleep, and are awoken the next morning by the ding of your phone. You excitedly pick up the phone, hoping to see a text from Rachel. To your horror, the message is from the unknown number that you now recognize as John’s. Your stomach turns sour and you want to look away, but you can’t bring yourself to do it. You open the video, which is only about a minute long. Rachel is naked on her knees in the middle of John’s office, and surrounded by men. She’s already covered in several cumshots across her body, and is currently servicing two dicks with her mouth while she takes one in her ass and in her pussy. You see that the dick buried inside her pussy is the IT guy from the other day, and somehow this makes you angrier than anything. Several more guys that are waiting have resorted to jerking off, and you watch as one of them runs up and sprays his load all over her back. The video cuts out, and for once your arousal is overpowered by disgust and anger. You close and delete the video, but not before you involuntarily read the other text John sent.

“Your girlfriend is my slut now Ross. She’s made her choice.”

You’ve been cucked even worse than you imagined, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

The End