Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

You decide that it’s best not to overreact to one video. Rachel has been with upwards of twenty different guys in the office now, and this is the only one that has bothered you at all. Best not to lose sight of the forest for the trees.

Rachel arrives back home and you greet her with as much fake enthusiasm as you can muster, thanking her for another great video. It seems to work, because she doesn’t notice anything is up. You let the video slide, and try to have an enjoyable evening together. You even have some fairly good sex that night, although you can’t help but feel that she isn’t very in to it. But no matter. If she’s not, then at least you’re not the only one acting like everything is swell.

In the following weeks, your concerns about the IT guy are lessened. He only appears in an occasional video, and for seem reason seems unable to perform to the same level that he did in the first one. His dick still makes yours look average in comparison, but his endurance is erratic and leaves something to be desired. However, this turns out to be a relatively small victory in the grand scheme of things. John continues to up the ante with each passing week, and before long it’s rare that you receive a solo video. All of Rachel’s encounters are threesomes, and often more. Soon, terms like threesome don’t cut it anymore; half her encounters are straight up gangbangs. Guys wait in line to fuck your girlfriend, and there’s not even time for you to watch all the footage. You estimate she’s spending five of her nine hours at work each day screwing various men, and that’s not including all the times she comes home late, still dishevelled and breathing heavily from her last round of the day.

The wear really starts to show on Rachel. She constantly looks tired and doesn’t bother keeping herself looking nice. There are days she goes to the office in sweat pants and a t-shirt, ignoring undergarments altogether. Her pussy is loose and her asshole stretched and sore, and by the time she makes it home to you she can hardly do anything besides collapse in bed and rest until the morning. You still have hours and hours of unseen footage to masturbate to, but the only time you ever get actual sex is on the weekends when she recovers from what John has lovingly dubbed “final fuck Friday.”

The emotional toll hits both of you. Your intimacy has depleted considerably, and it’s not unusual for you to have pretty fierce arguments over seemingly meaningless things. You both know the real argument is the one neither of you is willing to have. There are still times when you both enjoy the benefits of the strange arrangement, and the tapes when Rachel really gets into it keep both of you going. But beneath the surface, you have a feeling that the whole thing is about to explode, and there’s a subtle blame game that seems to be playing out between the two of you that threatens to set it off.

You can’t talk to any of your friends about it for obvious reasons, partly because several of them have fucked your girlfriend. Rachel is an even worse situation. What started as rumors has now become an open truth, and it’s well established that Rachel is the office slut. Her female friends have abandoned her, and even when she’s not fucking her male colleagues they aren’t afraid to openly grope and harass her. Things are spinning out of control, and you anxiously wait, almost wondering what will set it off.

The tipping point comes on a fairly normal Saturday morning. Rachel has been called in to work to serve as a secretary for an emergency executive meeting. This isn’t unusual, and has actually happened a few times in the past. The company isn’t doing so hot, and all Rachel does at the meetings is takes notes while the corporate bigwigs toss around desperate ideas. She gets paid overtime, and actually enjoys the meetings more than most aspects of her job. She leaves the house in good spirits, giving you a quick kiss before dashing off to the car.

You’re sitting at home watching TV a while later when you receive a text. You check your phone, expecting to see an amusing accolade from Rachel about the meeting, but instead seeing a text from John. You swipe open your phone, and see a link to a website. Somewhat confused, you click on the link, not sure what to expect.

The website is a live video feed, and you can’t believe your eyes. Rachel is splayed out on her on back on a board room table, and a full scale gangbang is underway. There are easily thirty men in the room, and most of them are trying to get in on the action. One man is underneath Rachel, stuffing his large cock into her ass, while two more try desperately to fit both their dicks into her pussy. Both of your girlfriend’s hands are actively jerking two other men, while her mouth services a constant rotation of dicks popping in and out. Two men have their cocks stuffed between the toes on her feet, and are doing their best to get off without much help. One smaller guy has even positioned himself on her stomach, pumping his shaft between her tits as fast as he can. Those who can’t find an orifice are groping her and jerking off, and you can see through the surprisingly clear footage that several men have already cum on her. The view indicator shows that thousands of people are already watching the live feed, and the number is rising with impressive speed.

You close the video, filled with a mixture of horror and horniness. This is the ultimatum you’ve been waiting for, but what on earth are you going to do with it?