Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

You suggest to Rachel that she do some endurance training. Unlike most guys, who have been wanking for years, girls don’t develop the necessary for muscles for jerking a guy off over a long period of time. You figure that if she works at it hard enough, she can jerk John faster and longer so that he’ll cum more quickly. Rachel agrees to give it a try, although she is understandably skeptical.

You set up a daily training regimen for Rachel, which includes half an hour with a shake-weight, a massage to ease the pain from her day with John, a nightly trip to the gym, and practice with you. At first she sees little results, but after about two weeks she begins to turn the tide. John still lasts a long time, but her arm hurts a lot less. On the plus side, your endurance is increasing as Rachel practices on you. Maybe you’ll hit equilibrium eventually and you won’t feel so bad about yourself.

About a month in, you’re hitting the gym with Rachel. The experience has been good for both of you, and you’re starting to get back into pretty good shape. Rachel’s latest handie only took an hour and five minutes, and you’re pushing her to get under an hour. Truth be told though, she’s a little discouraged. She’s doing a lot of work, and seeing few results. In fact, her improved technique has resulted in having to jerk John off 2-3 times on many days, which wasn’t the improvement you were looking for. Things are looking somewhat grim for your bold plan.

You’re running on a treadmill while Rachel curls, and she’s really getting after it tonight. Her right arm muscles have outgrown her left arm considerably, as she’s decided the switching arms technique isn’t good. The constant breaks seem to feed John’s endurance. She’s just finishing up another set of reps when she’s approached by an older man of Asian descent. His dress and style are somewhat strange for a gym, with his hair in a rattail and body wrapped in a robe of sorts. It looks more like a bathrobe than anything else. You consider going over to shoo him away from your girlfriend, but he seems harmless enough. Besides, she could probably take him with just her right arm. You decide to see how things play out.

The man stops and stands in front of her, and is silent for a moment, as if he is observing something. Rachel is unnerved and gives you a look out of the corner of her eye, but you simply shrug as you continue running. All at once, he speaks.

“Much training your arm has undertaken, while its sister suffers loss. Fortunate is the man whom receives pleasure from your hand!”

Rachel is taken aback, and so are you. It seems like this strange man has guessed the true purpose of her training. Rachel is silent, so the Asian man continues to speak. “I have gleaned the truth from your eyes, and you will hear it spoken. You sweat and toil to please a man, but he is not your love. You reap no fruit from your labor, but the fruit of your time is taken. Surely the strength is sapped through your hand and from your soul. No simple conduct will set you free.”

If the man’s first statement wasn’t enough, this confirms it. He somehow understands what Rachel is dealing with, and seems to think that her training is useless. You almost trip on the treadmill as a result of the distraction, but recover right before the man continues. “Truly, in all my years of wandering I have seen no eyes more desperate. But alas, I offer simple hope. Convene with me here tomorrow when eight the bell tolls, and I shall impart to thee the knowledge which you seek. In return, I simply ask a similar pleasure from a hand.”

The man bows slightly, and then walks swiftly out of the gym. Rachel is stunned by the encounter, and places her weights back on the rack. She’s ready to go home.

At home, you discuss the situation. It seems straight out of a stupid movie, but the man made some interesting points. He somehow knew what Rachel was struggling with rather than assuming she was training to be a professional arm wrestler, and claimed to know a solution that was better than training. On the other hand, his outfit looked like a cheap Asian bathrobe, and you’re 75% sure this is some old pervert just trying to con a handjob out of your girlfriend. As creepy as the whole situation is, there’s still a small voice in the back of your head saying that it might work. And after all, you’re kind of running out of ideas.