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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

Despite the small part of you that is horrified at what is happening to your girlfriend, the greater part of you is consumed with insatiable lust. You almost sprint to the living room, plugging in your laptop to the TV and quickly typing in the website John sent to your phone. The HD image pops up in all its splendorr, and you’ve never been more grateful for the money you invested in blazing fast internet and an impressive TV. You hop on the couch, and within seconds are jerking with ferocity. You cum almost instantly, your jizz flying in ropes onto the carpet below. You consider cleaning, but why bother? You have a feeling you’re gonna be here for a while.

Your suspicions are confirmed. The live video continues for the next hours, and Rachel’s only breaks are to take cumshots. You jerk as your girlfriend is used in every way possible by men of every race, age, and penis size. You have five orgasms, and the carpet on the floor in front of you is covered in jizz. Every man in the room cums at least once, and several contributed two or three loads. Men trickle out as the feed goes on, but Rachel stays until every man is satisfied. At the very end it’s just her and John, who takes the camera off its mounted position to get an even closer view. Rachel is lying flat on her back on the table, and almost every inch of her is covered in cum. Even her hair has splotches of white. The scene is something out of an insane porno, and when John finally ends the live stream, you simply sit in disbelief.

Rachel arrives home about an hour after that. She’s somehow cleaned herself up a bit, but her clothes are sticking from all the dried jizz, and her hair still contains the semen of at least twelve men. You help her to the bathroom, and hold her crusty hair as she vomits up many of the loads of cum that she had swallowed. You then assist her into the shower, stripping of your own clothes so you can help her clean up. Rachel doesn’t say a word, but does give you a slight smile of thanks. Once she’s properly clean you dry her off, and then gently carry her to bed. She passes out, still wordless, and drifts into a deep sleep.

Obviously the next day comes with a serious discussion, which goes surprisingly well. Rachel didn’t know she was on webcam, but at this point has lost interest in who knows of her escapades. For all she knows, the rumors from her work have already spread across town, and the live feed only confirmed them in anything. You confess to her that you found the whole experience extremely hot, and she admits that she did as well, despite the pain and exhaustion of such a demanding gangbang. Obviously at this point you’re being cucked and are fine with it, and Rachel is happy to go along. The tension of several months of not communicating fades away, and you share an intimate day that stays far away from her sore ass and pussy.

The two of you fully embrace the cuckold style. It’s rare that you fuck Rachel anymore, but you end up with more footage than you can imagine. Rachel never does quite match the intensity of her web gangbang at work, but she does expand her horizons. She finds several big-dicked bulls to fuck her outside of work, and you get the pleasure of observing these encounters in person. Before long you’re even eating cum out her pussy and warming guys up for her, and loving every minute of it. What started as a simple mishap with sexting at work has exploded into a full blown cuckold relationship, and you couldn’t be happier.

The End