Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by King28...)

“Whoah… whoah! Calm down everybody!” you say. “I have solutions to all our problems!”

First, you get your dad’s phone and dial up Amy’s college office number. Then, you do your best imitation of your dad’s voice.

“Hello? Is this the secretary? Hi, I’m calling to inform you that my daughter Amy won’t be able to go to college today because we are having an intimate family ‘get-together.’ So, you’ll have to excuse her today.”

As you end the call, your step-sister says, “That was brilliant, bro!”

One problem down, one more to go. You go up to your room and open your closet. In a small corner, there’s a bag of blue pills.

You rush downstairs and hand all the guys a pill each. As soon as you take them, all your dicks are rock hard.

“Holy fucking shit! What the fuck did you give us, Ross?” Rachel’s dad asks.

“These are a type of viagra. It’s supposed to keep you hard and sexually active for up to six hours,” you say.

“It also…” you stop halfway as your dad rushes forward and gives Amy a passionate kiss.

You are in awe as your father’s tongue twirls together with your sister’s. After they break their kiss, you continue.

“Like my dad has just proved, it increases your sexual appetite, or lust, up to fifty percent!”

“So, what are we waiting for? Let’s fuck!” Douglas says excitedly.

“You’re right, Douglas. Now, who’s gonna strip away my precious virginity?” Amy asks naughtily while slowly rubbing her gorgeous pussy.