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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

Your decision has been on the precipice, and this puts it over the edge. You can’t be with a girl that fucks like an absolute whore for an audience of thousands of strangers. You gather as much of your stuff as you need, and give call to your good friend Jamie. You drive over to his house, and leave a note explaining to Rachel that she needs to get her stuff and move out. Jamie is really weird around you, and you can’t help but think that he probably knows what has been happening with Rachel. Maybe he was even watching the feed before you came over.

It’s a messy breakup, but it’s probably for best. Rachel causes a small internet sensation, and before long is a full time porn star specializing in gangbangs. You never speak to her again, and do your best to put the whole thing behind you. Unfortunately, people aren’t quick to forget about your past relationship with Rachel, and that follows you for several years. Not many men have openly dated a famous porn star, and it’s not exactly a badge of honor. But time heals all wounds, and after a while most of it is forgotten. You do however, make a good chunk of cash selling off literally hundreds of tapes of Rachel’s “early amateur years.” After all, the bitch deserves it.

The End