Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

You sit in silence a while longer, mulling things over. But ultimately, you know what you want. It’s just a matter of seeing if Rachel is up for it.

“Rachel, I need you to be honest, because this is the only thing that really matters to me. Did you enjoy it?” you ask.

“Physically, yes. But emotionally, no, because I felt bad for…”

“That’s all I needed to now,” you say interrupting her. Rachel is clearly thoroughly confused, so you continue. “I’m not gonna lie Rachel. I have a massive boner right now, and it’s from what you told me. You fucking John is incredibly hot, and you don’t have to stop for me.”

“Really?” Rachel asks. She looks caught between disbelief and delight.

“Absolutely,” you tell her. “I didn’t know I’d find it this hot, but I’m not going to pretend I don’t. I want you to fuck your boss.”

“Oh Ross, that’s amazing!” Rachel leaps on to you, and kisses you deep on the lips.

“You know,” she tells you in between kisses, “you could even watch.” This thought turns you on even more, and the sex you have with Rachel that night is some of the best you’ve ever had.

In the coming weeks though, you have considerably less sex with Rachel, although you’re not the least bit upset. John comes over several times, and you sit and jerk off while he fucks your girlfriend good and proper. His dick is shorter than yours, but it’s nice and thick and he uses it like a pro. Rachel orgasms almost every time they fuck, and you usually cum at least twice before John finishes. You also receive videos and pictures from their escapades at work, and beat your meat raw watching them. The cuckold life is the one for you.

Over the next few years you gain and lose various Bulls, but cuckolding remains an essential part of your relationship with Rachel. You’re even not entirely sure if one of your two kids is yours, but you’re strangely okay with that. Every day you thank your lucky stars that Rachel sent a topless pic to the wrong man, and that he decided to do something about it.

The End