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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by King28...)

As soon as Amy says that, all seven of you rush forward and try to stuff your hungry dicks into her awaiting cunt. However, with all the pushing and shoving, no one manages to penetrate your sister’s pussy.

Eventually, you shout “Stop it!”

Everyone stops and looks at you. You continue. “Why are we fighting? We’ll all get a turn to fuck her pussy. But, right now, only one person gets to fuck her. So, who shall it be?”

Your father immediately responds. “Well…my dick is the one that made her in the first place, so it makes sense that it should be the first to enter her.”

Griff agrees with your dad. The rest of you agree with your dad too, except Billy and Dick.

You bring both of them aside and make a deal with them. You promise to lend Rachel for one night to each of them. You even give permission for them to share her with their friends if they want to. They quickly agree with your dad after that.

You have a feeling that Rachel won’t mind the deal you just made.

Anyways, you and Douglas get a mattress and lay it on your living room floor. Amy lies on the mattress with her legs spread wide open. You tell Dick and Billy to hold her hands while you and Griff hold her legs. Meanwhile, Douglas continues his job as the cameraman.

Once you’re all set, your dad slowly shoves his cock into your sister’s pussy. She lets out a shrill scream for a few seconds but it stops suddenly.

You look up and see Dick thrusting his rather large cock into Amy’s mouth while his hands are firmly holding hers. Meanwhile, your father slowly thrusts into his daughter at first before picking up speed. Amy tries to scream once more but the large dick in her mouth prevents her from doing so.

After a while, her face relaxes and you can see that she has stopped trying to scream. Dick carefully removes his cock from her mouth as she lets out a low, slutty moan.

“You like this, princess? You like your daddy fucking your tight little twat?” your father asks while thrusting faster and harder into Amy.

“Yesssss… daddy. Fuck your little girl. Fuck her like the cheap whore she is!” your sister moans back.

The rest of you remove your arms from Amy’s limbs and set her free. She immediately wraps her sexy legs around your dad’s ass while embracing him in a passionate kiss.

All of you clap your hands and cheer. Your dad fucks Amy for another 45 minutes. The pill you gave him sure does work.

When he’s about to cum, he rapidly increases his thrusts while screaming, “Ohhhhh… baby… Daddy’s about to cummmmm!”

Amy replies, “Yes, daddy! Fill me with your seed! I wanna have a baby sister so you can fuck her too!”

The dirty talk from your step-sister sets your dad over the edge and he cums for a minute or so into her warm cunt. At the same time, Amy has her orgasm too.

Then, your father removes his dick and shoves it into Amy’s mouth. She obediently cleans it like a good slut.

“This whore is so fuckin’ tight. You guys shouldn’t miss out on this fine piece of meat!” your father says as he steps away from Amy. You never thought you’d see the day when your father refers to his own daughter in such dirty language to a group of nude men with hard dicks.

“Thank you, daddy! I love being your personal fuck-toy!” Amy replies with a girlish giggle. Apparently, your sister is really into being a slut.

As Dick approaches Amy, she shouts out in alarm. “Whoah! Not just yet. I’m too tired and my pussy’s too sore from all that fucking!” she says.

Dick looks angry and is about to shout when you say, “Relax, Dick. I know just the thing for Amy!” You rush back upstairs and return with a new bag of pills. This time, they’re red.

“Here you go, sis. Same effect as the blue pill. Only this is for women,” you say as you hand Amy a pill.

After swallowing it, she spreads her legs wide open and screams, “Fuck me! Fuck me now!” over and over again.

You and the other guys are only too happy to oblige. You take turns fucking her pussy and make sure to cum inside her every time.

Amy has had more than five orgasms but she keeps begging for more and more. While one of you fucks Amy, the rest of you either suck on one of her tits or shove your dicks into her mouth. You also take turns recording the fucking with the camera so that you don’t miss a single moment of the glorious sex.

After two hours of non-stop fucking for Amy, everyone takes a break. As you slump down on the couch, you notice Rachel, fast asleep. The carpet under her is quite wet. You guess she must have orgasmed a couple of times before falling asleep.

Even though you’re on a break, none of you are tired, thanks to the pills. In fact, Amy’s really excited for her next lesson. She jumps up and down on the mattress while screaming “What’s next? What’s next?”