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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

You decide the old man is just some crazy pervert. After all, fancy talking and a bathrobe don’t make you some wise Asian monk with the secret to the perfect handjob. You do however, attend the gym at the time the man said he would meet Rachel. After all, you’re not breaking your training routine just to avoid some weird perv.

The strange man approaches Rachel again the next evening, and this time you take a break from your workout to watch.

“So, have you returned for the knowledge I have promised?” the man asks.

“No, I haven’t,” Rachel curtly replies. “And frankly, you need to get lost. I’m trying to work out and I don’t need some old pervert trying to trick me into giving him handjobs.”

The old man nods slowly, as if considering her response. “Very well young maiden. But your refusal and insults have not gone unsown. Behold, you shall reap the consequences of your ignorance in the form of the object of your misery!” He wildly gesticulates as he talks, but as the last word leaves his mouth he calmly strides for the door. Rachel glances over at you in utter confusion, but suddenly a look of horror replaces it. She glances down between her legs, and your eyes follow hers. She’s wearing tight yoga pants, and there is now a noticeable tent in the front of them. A tent that resembles a…

You both rush out to the car and hop in. Rachel glances around to make sure that no one is watching, and then yanks down her pants. Sure enough, she’s sporting a full grown cock and balls, and not a small set either.

“Oh my god, what the hell did he do to me?” Rachel shrieks.

“Well, I think it’s pretty obvious,” you reply dryly. “Is your vagina gone too?” Rachel feels around her ass, and comes up blank.

“Just a dick and asshole. Standard equipment,” she says. She appears to be in shock, and you don’t blame her. You’re pretty much there yourself.

“Well, at least this will solve things with John,” you say, trying to remain positive. He’s a fairly outspoken homophobe, and you’re certain he won’t go for Rachel’s new asset.

“Maybe, but how do we solve this?” Rachel asks. It’s a good question.