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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

You decide to give the old man a shot. At worse you’re doing him a service which doesn’t hurt Rachel much, and at best you’ll have some sort of solution to your problem. The following night you arrive back at 8:00, ready to meet him. He is waiting by the weight rack where he talked to Rachel just last night. Strangely enough, no one pays him any attention, as if they don’t notice him. He motions at you to follow without a word, and you follow him through the gym out a back door. Once again, not seems to notice or care. You arrive in a back alley behind the gym, and the mysterious man finally turns around and speaks.

“I hold in my hand the formula which you do seek. Immerse your hand within, and your efforts to produce pleasure will become effortless. But first, I seek my portion.” Rachel sighs and drops to her knees, but the man shakes his head. “No, the pleasure shall come from his hand.” He turns to you, and you’re quite surprised. Up until now you weren’t sure he had even noticed you, but clearly he has determined who you are.

The Asian man pulls open his robe, revealing a wrinkly, but surprisingly large penis. You swallow your pride as you drop to your knees and reach out your hand, almost afraid to look…

“Oh, I’m just fucking with you!” the man exclaims out of nowhere. He closes his robe, much to your relief. “I’m no faggot. But you should have seen the look on your face!” He laughs loudly, and you half heartedly laugh along, shocked by the slur and his sudden change in demeanor.

“Is the formula a joke too then?” Rachel demands.

“Oh no, it’s totally legit,” he says, handing a piece of paper to her. “Knock yourself out. I just like fucking with white people.” He’s still laughing as he exits the alley, and you look at Rachel, even more puzzled than you were at the beginning of the whole affair.

You return home, and look at the strange paper Rachel was given. It reads as follows:

Take 1 batch of seed from the man you love, 3 drops of sweat from your honest pursuits, A pluck of hair from your patch below, 2 cups at least of your favorite drink, A dash of salt and 3 shots of whiskey. Combine these elements in a bowl, and microwave until lukewarm. Once your hand is submerged, no man shall resist your touch.

“Well, it’s a good thing I don’t completely shave my bush. But how much is a pluck of hair?” Rachel asks.

“About as much as a pinch of salt,” you reply. “Is this even worth trying?”

“Well, I’m out of ideas, and this sure isn’t gonna make things worse. You’d better get to jerking it,” she says with a wink. “Just make sure you save the jizz!”

You sigh and unbutton your pants. Well, here goes nothing.

As near as you can tell, the recipe requires a load of your cum, Rachel’s sweat, some of her pubic hair, and a blend of salt, whiskey, and her favorite drink. You combine all the elements into a bowl, and heat it up the requisite amount. Rachel dips her hand in it, and pulls it out. Nothing immediately happens other than her hand getting wet.

“Do you feel powerful?” you ask, somewhat sarcastically.

“Well, I suppose there’s only one way to find out,” she says. You sit down on the couch, and she undoes your pants. You’ve just jerked off for the concoction, so you’re not confident even magic can garner an erection. Rachel settles on the couch beside you, and reaching out her hand, gives your dick a quick jerk.

Immediately you’re hit with pleasure more powerful than anything you’ve experienced. It’s like the feeling of an orgasm has spread to every bit of your body. You hear yourself loudly groan, but it’s almost an out-of-body experience. The pleasure slowly subsides, but lasts almost half a minute. You come to, and notice you’ve almost fallen off the couch. You slowly sit up in a daze.

“What the hell just happened?” you asked.

“It was the craziest thing!” Rachel replies. “I just jerked you once to see if I got any response, and instantly you were hard. You started shaking like crazy, and you starting cumming. And holy shit, just look at how much you came!”

Your eyes start to focus, and you realize with shock what Rachel is talking about. Cum covers her hand, your legs, and several spurts have landed on the couch and the floor in front of it. You’ve never shot even a quarter of the amount you just did, and your balls feel completely drained.

“That guy wasn’t kidding,” you groan. “I feel like I can hardly move.”

“Well, hopefully John will feel the same way,” Rachel says with a smile. You’re almost jealous that he’ll get to experience this amazing sensation, but you know it’s necessary. You’ve found the solution to your problem.

Rachel sits with you and gently kisses you for half-an-hour as you recover. Eventually you climb unsteadily to your feet, and help your girlfriend clean up the mess you made. In the back of your mind, you really hope that this isn’t the last time Rachel uses the special blend on you.

She takes the mixture to work the next day in a water bottle, and discretely warms it up. She dips her hand in it right before she jerks off John, and it works like a charm. He has the same reaction you did, and all it takes is one jerk. He asks Rachel how on Earth she did it, but she simply smiles and says she can’t tell him.

After a few days, it becomes apparent to John that the handjob arrangement will no longer work. He makes a terrific mess all over himself and the office every time she jerks him, and it takes a full hour before he can be productive again. He stops asking for handies at work, and Rachel returns to her normal life.

At home, Rachel occasionally surprises you with the solution, especially when she’s extra hungry for cum. It’s a welcome addition to your love life, but even more important is the welcome subtraction of John. You never see the Asian monk again, but you toast him on many occasions, thanking him for his mysterious gift.

The End