Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

“We have to find that man again,” you tell Rachel. “He did this to you, and he’s the only one I know can change it back. And I’m pretty sure that’s what you want, right?”

“Well obviously,” Rachel almost shouts.

“Okay. We’ll just have to come to the gym tomorrow. He’ll probably be back, and we can talk to him then. But until then, you’re just gonna have to deal with this.”

“Like hell I am,” Rachel mutters under her breath. You drive back home, still a bit mortified by the whole experience. You can only imagine how Rachel feels.

The next day is interesting to say the least. Fortunately for you it’s a Saturday, so you don’t have to make up an excuse to come in to work. You have the strange pleasure of helping your girlfriend learn how to piss with a penis, but fortunately she catches on quickly. You think about teaching her to jerk off, but decide not to push your luck. After all, she’s horrified the one time she gets an erection. Best not to make things more traumatic than they need to be.

You visit the gym the next night, and sure enough the Asian man is waiting for you. Rachel approaches him, and quietly apologizes in her somewhat rehearsed fashion.

“I’m so sorry sir. It was rude of me to make assumptions of your character, and I deserve the punishment that came upon me. But please, have mercy. Reverse the curse you have inflicted. I know only you can.”

“Very well,” the old man replies. “I sense that you truly regret your actions, and I am not an unreasonable man. However, reversing the curse is not as simple as meager words. Both of you,” he says, motioning at you as well, “come with me.”

You follow the man through the gym, and he pushes on a panel on the wall that reveals a hidden room. You shake your head in amazement. This just keeps getting weirder. The room is simple, carpeted with sparse decorations on the sides. The Asian man allows you to take it in before continuing.

“The reversal is simple in a way. I will recite an ancient incantation, and then you, fair lady, must inject your seed into the stomach of the man you love.” You turn to the Asian man in anger, a hundred questions on your lips, but he simply nods. “Yes, this is the only way I’m afraid. I believe you mortals have named it… a blowjob.” He waves his hands in the air, muttering what seems like gibberish as he does, before placing his arms calmly at his sides. “The time has come. I shall partake in observing the ceremonies.” He perches himself in a chair in the corner of the room, and you swear you see a smile cross his face.

“Alright, we might as well get this over with,” you say. You walk toward Rachel, who is standing in the middle of the room, and she somewhat unceremoniously drops her pants, obviously eager to get things over with as well.

“Can you remove the top too? Just so I have some… straighter motivation?” you ask. Rachel sighs, but complies with your request. You briefly suck on her perfect tits, before dropping to your knees to observe her not so perfect bottom half. Her cock is already sporting a partial, and you steel yourself before reaching out and grasping it with one hand. It responds positively to your touch, and as you give her dick some quick jerks it begins to swell up to full size. Rachel looks quite embarrassed, but also more than a bit turned on.

Rachel’s cock is a solid eight inches, just a little bit longer than yours. You grimace at the thought of deep-throating it, but hope it won’t come to that. Gathering your last bit of courage, you lick the tip tentatively. Rachel lets out an involuntarily moan, and turns bright red. You chuckle to yourself, knowing you aren’t the only one who is terribly embarrassed by what’s happening.

You take the tip of the beast into your mouth, and begin to lick and suck. Years of receiving head has taught you well, and you know to use plenty of tongue and avoid the teeth. Before you know it, you’re sucking at a reasonable clip, and Rachel is really getting into it. Forgetting her embarrassment, she openly moans as you suck, fondling her own breasts for extra pleasure.

“Now I know why you guys love this so much,” she groans through clenched teeth. “Go deeper!” She thrusts a few more inches in your mouth, and for the first time you feel truly uncomfortable. You gag a bit, but quickly adjust to the sensation of your mouth being full. You take deep breaths through your nose, and continue bobbing up and down.

Unfortunately, Rachel doesn’t have the experience to feel that you’re at your limit. She begins to thrust slightly into your mouth, adding another inch or two to the mix. You’re dangerously close to having to take the whole dick, and Rachel shows no signs of stopping. Her thrusts turn fast and brutal, as she grabs your head and begins to face-fuck you in earnest as she moans in ecstasy. You try desperately to remain relaxed and open to deep-throat her, but your efforts are largely lost. You choke and sputter and spit all over her dick, but this only turns Rachel on further.

You feel her tense up, and then a strong, salty taste enters your mouth as she orgasms with a loud cry. You heed the Asian man’s word and swallow each drop despite your gagging, and like a scene out of a bad porno Rachel’s dick shrivels away and is replaced with her familiar pussy. You sigh in relief as Rachel collapses to the ground, landing right beside you.

“Holy shit Ross, that was amazing,” she whispers in your ear. She kisses you passionately on the lips, her tongue searching your mouth as she tastes the remains of her own cum. “Now let’s go home and fuck properly,” she tells you. You thank the monk of sorts for his kindness and leave the gym, not planning on ever coming back.

Not only does the misadventure lead to some interesting advances in your sex life, but it also solves Rachel’s problem with John. She fashions a convincing looking fake dick out of sausage, and tapes it to her pelvis. It looks pretty realistic in her tight yoga pants, and she allows her dress to ride up while jerking off John to give him a view. He instantly loses his erection, and for some reason never requests a handjob again. You wouldn’t have thought that your girlfriend growing a dick could solve so many problems, but that turns out to be the case. And I suppose that’s the moral of the story.

The End