Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

“Well actually, I don’t see the problem,” you tell Rachel with a sly smile.

“What do you mean you…” she begins, but her words are cut off by a sudden moan. You’ve wrapped your mouth around her dick, and it’s quickly hardens as you give Rachel her first blowjob.

“Oh my God, what if someone sees,” she protests, but it seems like a half-hearted protest at best. You lick and suck on her cock like some kind of large, somewhat-salty popsicle. By now Rachel is fully erect, and you guess she’s in the neighborhood of eight inches long, a full inch longer than you. Somehow this only makes things hotter.

Your fantasies about blowing a shemale seem to have transferred to real life ability, and you find that you are able to deepthroat your girlfriend with surprising ease. It only takes about two minutes from the start of the blowjob before you hear Rachel let out a loud moan, and you prepare yourself for the inevitable.

Hot strands of jizz fill your mouth, and you eagerly lick them up, as you tease the tip of Rachel’s cock to give her extra pleasure. With a final grunt she finishes pumping out semen, and you suck her clean before swallowing her jizz with a greedy gulp. Rachel has sunken low into the car seat, caught in post-orgasmic bliss.

“Holy shit Ross, did that really just happen?” she asks.

“Hell yeah it did. Now let’s get home so we can really try this thing out.” You put the car into gear and speed off, a man on a mission.

You manage to avoid any potential traffic violations, and when you arrive home you immediately head for the bedroom. Rachel’s initial shock seems to have been replaced by horniness, and you waste no time stripping off all your clothes. You collapse on to the bed, groping and kissing with passion, and within minutes Rachel is rock hard again. You decide to throw caution to the wind.

“Fuck taking this slow,” you tell her. “I want that thing in my ass.” Rachel seems a little apprehensive, but as you apply a generous helping of spit lubricant to her dick her misgivings fade away. She grabs some lube off the nightstand, and applies some to her finger. You turn around in proper doggy-style position, and Rachel inserts her finger in you.

You’ve done some light anal play with her before, but she doesn’t realize what you’ve done on your own. You’ve had this shemale fantasy for a long time, and on a couple of occasions you’ve used some of her dildos and sex toys to pleasure your own ass. Rachel seems surprised with the ease that her finger slips in, and quickly inserts a second one. But while this is one thing, you’ve never taken anything as large as her cock.

After a few minutes your asshole is properly warmed up, and Rachel smears lube all over her dick. She lines up the tip with your asshole, and you simply nod, letting her know that you’re ready. With a simple push she slips the tip into you, and you moan as you’re overcome with pleasure. She continues sliding into you, and although she is stopped halfway in, you’re pleasantly surprised with the amount you’ve taken. You try to relax as she slowly pumps in and out of you, with every thrust getting a little deeper in. It takes a few minutes, but eventually you feel her stop, having made it all the way to the hilt. You feel incredibly full, but satisfied. Now the real fun can begin.

Rachel starts to slide her entire length in and out of you, and while there’s some pain, it’s quickly replaced by pleasure as you relax. She begins to increase the pace, but seems to be holding back a bit.

“Harder,” you groan. “Fuck me harder Rachel.” She happily obliges, and soon you’re being rocked back and forth by the force of her pounding. You moan loudly and shout dirty encouragements, and it proves too much for Rachel and her inexperienced cock.

“I’m gonna cum,” she moans, and cum she does. You feel the unfamiliar but pleasurable feeling of her seed filling your ass, and this feeling sets you over the edge. As the last few squirts of her jizz fill you, you also cum hard, making a generous donation to the bed spread. Rachel pulls out of you, her cock rapidly shrinking, and you roll over and collapse on the bed, utterly spent. Rachel scoops up some of your cum with her fingers, and eagerly gobbles it down.

“Mmm, I could get used to this,” she tells you.

“So could I,” you honestly reply. Your hottest fantasy has come true.

Unfortunately for John, it isn’t his fantasy. With a simple flash of her newly acquired dick, Rachel forever halts the daily handjob that John had demanded for weeks. And while her transformation closes that chapter in her life, it opens up a new one in yours as you enact every twisted fantasy you’ve ever, from fucking her in the ass to worshipping her superior dick. The mysterious Asian man’s curse becomes a tremendous blessing. It seems the only thing he couldn’t tell about you was your darkest fantasy.

The End