Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

“Wait, I have a great idea!” Rachel exclaims.

“Well good, because I’m fresh out of them,” you reply.

“John has wanted me to see what’s under my pants for the longest time,” Rachel explains. “He’s seen my boobs and even has that picture I sent him, but what’s going on below has remained a mystery. I can tell him that I’ll take off my pants if he’ll let me cuff him to his chair. And then I’ll have him helpless and a nice dick to get some revenge with.” You consider the plan, and only see one flaw.

“Won’t that get you fired though?” she asks.

“Maybe, but I can’t think of a better way to go,” Rachel replies. “It’s bound to happen eventually.”

You agree to the plan, and drop by a sex shop to buy handcuffs on the way back home. You choose to ignore the fact that your girlfriend has a penis, and it’s actually a somewhat regular night.

The next day proceeds with surprising normality. You both spend a day at work, and you don’t hear from Rachel all day. You kind of wonder if she chickened out, but the look on her face when she meets you at home removes that thought from your mind.

“It totally worked,” Rachel almost yells. You give her a tight hug, noticing the unfamiliar bulge against your leg, and sit down as she explains further. “I led John on all day, and eventually let him know the deal. He eagerly accepted, and I waited until the last few minutes of the day to put it into place. I cuffed him to his chair, and then whipped down my pants. The excitement of it all had already made it… well has made me pretty hard. John was speechless and shocked, but I just laughed. I got to where my dick was by his mouth and slapped his face a few times while I got harder. Then I used his mouth like a common whore. It didn’t take very long for me to orgasm, and I jizzed all over his face. Then I got dressed and hurried out of there. Who knows when someone will find him, but I’ll probably get fired after that.” She shows you a picture of John’s jizz covered face, and you can’t help feel like justice has been served.

You both have a good laugh at the sweet revenge, and drink to her rousing success. Eventually you fall asleep pretty damn drunk, and wake up with a nice hangover. You’re not entirely sure some kinky shemale shit didn’t happen last night, but you don’t see or feel any evidence to prove it. Besides, you’re still firmly on the fence about the whole “Rachel having a dick” thing.

Surprisingly, Rachel is not fired. Apparently John was too ashamed to tell the truth of what happened, so she simply returns to her original position. An expensive surgery also returns her to her original genitals, which you’re grateful for. There are days when you wish you had experimented with her shemale assets, but most days you’re just as happy that you didn’t. Who knows what kind of mess that could have got you into.

The End