Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by King28...)

You get up and push your step-sister onto the mattress. You then flip her over so that her face is down while her ass is facing upwards.

“Now… we’re gonna fuck that gorgeous ass of yours!” you say as you spank your sister’s ass.

However, as soon as you say that, your sister suddenly sits up straight, looking positively alarmed. “Fuck my ass? I don’t think so, big bro! Some of my friends told me that anal hurts real bad. One of my friends even said that she couldn’t shit comfortably for a week after she got ass-fucked! So, no thanks to that offer!” Amy says defiantly.

“Now now, princess, if you don’t stay the course, you don’t ‘graduate’ this ‘school’ of ours!” your dad says.

“So? What the fuck do I care? We all know that you guys are pretending to ‘teach’ me so that you can fuck me for free!” Amy says angrily.

All of you are shocked. All this while, you thought Amy was this dumb bitch but it turns out she’s not.

“What? You thought I didn’t know? I knew and played along just because I wanted to learn how to fuck! In fact, now that I do know, I’m leaving! What do you think I am, some cheap whore whom you can fuck anywhere and anytime!?” Amy says even more angrily.

As she is getting up, Dick rushes forward, grabs her throat and pins her to the mattress. “You little slut! You think you can just walk out on us like that!? After all we’ve taught you? Now, you’re gonna pay!” he says violently.

Griff looks worried. “Easy there, son. We don’t wanna hurt the young lady, now, do we? What if she reports us to the cops?” he says.

Dick pauses for a moment and thinks. After a while, he looks at you and asks, “You always have solutions, Ross. What do you think?”

You look down at Amy. Her face is starting to turn blue from Dick’s firm grip on her neck, but she looks just as angry and arrogant as she did before, if not even more. Judging by the look on her face, you’re pretty sure she’s gonna call the cops as soon as she leaves your house.

Somebody needs to teach this whore a lesson. And you have a way, a brutal and cruel way, of doing it without getting any problems from the cops. But then again, she is your little sister… whom you’ve just fucked like a slut.