Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by King28...)

“Dick’s right!” you say. “Somebody needs to teach this bitch a lesson! And I know just how to do it. First, let’s move our little ‘activity’ down to the basement.”

Dick and Billy carry your struggling step-sister down to the basement while you give orders to the rest of the guys. Soon, the rest of you join Dick, Billy and Amy down in the basement. Along with you are some equipment, including some rope, a leather belt, car battery clips and some other “fun” stuff.

“Make the whore stand!” you order Dick and Billy.

While Amy is forced to stand, you and your dad tie her hands to the ceiling and tie her legs together to the ground, trapping her.

“Wait ‘til’ Mom hears about this! You guys are so fucked!” Amy screams after you’re done.

“Scream all you want, slut! This basement is practically sound-proof, so nobody’s gonna hear you. And as for Mom, she’s gonna be devastated to hear about your kidnapping,” you say.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Amy screams back.

“We’re gonna tell the whole world that you got kidnapped. That way, we can keep you here as our personal fuck-toy. We are gonna use you like the cheap whore you are!” you say arrogantly.

“Nobody will believe your horseshit!” Amy says.

“There are plenty of witnesses in this room that will happily give statements to the cops! So, you’re pretty fucked right now, little sis!” you say with a laugh.

Amy’s anger turns to sadness and despair now.

“Now, we’re gonna show you how we treat cheap, disrespectful sluts! Aren’t we boys?” you say, to the cheers of the other guys.

“Shall we continue from where we left off? Or should we torture the little whore first?” Billy asks.

You have a look at your sexy, slutty, tied up whore of a sister and you immediately make up your mind.