Interactive & customizable sex stories : Create your own erotic fiction

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Hyperdreams...)

“I have an idea,” says Rachel coldly. You look up in surprise. In all the excitement you had completely forgotten about your girlfriend. She’s standing at the bottom of the basement stairs with a pissed-off expression on her face. Maybe she’s annoyed at being sidelined in her own interactive story, or maybe she’s just discovered that you’re an evil sister-rapist. Either way, you’re definitely in her bad books.

“Rachel, baby…” you begin.

She holds up her phone to show that it’s currently connected to the emergency services number. “Do you want to hear my idea?” she asks.

“Uh… okay, sure,” you say warily.

“Well, perhaps you can forget about Amy and instead spend the next few years ass-fucking each other in prison,” she replies with a sneer.

“You bitch!” shouts Dick, lunging towards her. But Billy restrains him, pointing to the phone.

“Everything’s on fucking tape, man,” he hisses.

The sound of sirens can be heard from outside, followed by the thumping of booted feet on the floorboards above.

“Down here!” calls out Rachel.

“Sweetheart…” you plead weakly.

“Ross, you’re crap in bed and your dick’s too small. I think we should see other people,” she replies.

The End