Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Robbie M...)

Suddenly you slap Monica in the face, which takes her by surprise. She looks at you with anger in her eyes.

“How dare you slap me in the face, you dick? Like I’m sort of a naughty school girl?”

She looks furious but it doesn’t seem to turn her off. Her last comment gives you a new idea though.

“Come on then, mister!” Monica starts to slap you in the face over and over. Your dick starts to harden even more. You grab her firmly by the arms and wrestle her on to the mat. She is panting heavily and her nipples are fully erect. She lies on the floor, sweating all over with you on top with a hard erection. You want to take her then and there, when you turn to Rachel.

“She just called herself a naughty school girl, Rachel. What do you do to them?”

Your girlfriend looks at you with wonder, then goes over to the wardrobe where she picks out one of your leather belts.