Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

You watch your girlfriend as she is gang banged and creampied while several thousand strangers watch live. You’re barely able to get your pants off before you start cumming. Your girlfriend gasps as both the men fucking her pussy and the one fucking her ass all cum within moments of each other. Both of the now-vacant holes are quickly filled, causing the cum inside Rachel to spurt out. All three men that had been fucking her move around to her head, and you watch your girlfriend eagerly cleaning the residual cum off their dicks, although not fast enough for one of them, who just wipes his off with Rachel’s face and hair.

Over the next two hours, each of the men cum inside Rachel’s pussy, most of them twice, a few even going back for thirds. As the gang bang comes to a close Rachel stands up, and the camera zooms in on her pussy. You see a steady stream of cum leaking down from your girlfriend’s pussy, and to your surprise, your first thought is, “How hot would this be if she wasn’t on birth control?”

You start to dismiss the idea, thinking she’d never go along with it, but another idea makes you smile. “Unless she had no idea her birth control wasn’t working.”

With this in mind, you start cooking spaghetti, crushing up an antibiotic that makes birth control ineffective and adding it to the sauce on Rachel’s plate.

A month goes by, with you adding the antibiotics to every meal, and while Rachel hasn’t done another large gang-bang again, you know one is coming up. Sure enough, after another two weeks, you get another link via text message from your girlfriend’s boss. As the live stream begins, you notice that it isn’t in the conference room, and that it doesn’t look like anything in your girlfriend’s office building at all. You realize that it is one of the college auditorium-style classrooms, and it’s packed, you don’t even bother trying to count how many men are there.

Rachel is in the center, lying with her legs supported in an open position on one of those vaginal exam chairs, and John is holding a microphone. “Good evening everyone, we have an announcement before we begin.”

He passes the microphone to Rachel, who looks at the camera. “I just wanted to give a message to my boyfriend before we begin. We’ve asked everyone here tonight to cum only in my pussy, they can fuck me wherever they want as long as they finish inside my pussy. My dear boyfriend, did you really think I wouldn’t notice you going through two bottles of antibiotics? Since you haven’t been sick, there’s only one reason why. You’ve been sabotaging my birth control. I told John, and he agreed that we should give you what you apparently want. Enjoy watching me get gang-banged, filled with cum, and possibly knocked up by strangers while thousands of people watch live!”

You stare in open mouthed shock that she knew, and is doing this anyway.