Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

You open and close your mouth, but you don’t know what to say. Smiling, John looks at you and places a finger to his lips hushing you once again, making your face go even redder than it already is. Before you can react, the voice on the phone stops you.

“You sure? Coz I’ve got a big project that really needs working on, and I reckon that little tart’s just the one for the job!”

“Hmmm,” muses John, stroking his chin, deep in thought. “Are you sure you’re thinking of the right ‘tart’ as you so aptly put it? I think it’s best that you be sure. I’ll send you a picture. Give me a call once you confirm,” says John flatly and disconnects the call.

With that, John looks over at your girlfriend and absently reaches out for the mobile phone on the desk. Quickly grabbing the phone, you race over to lift your worn out girlfriend off the floor, pulling her dress up from around her legs. John sits there trying to pull up his pants as you tidy Rachel up, and head out the door clutching your girlfriend and the phone in your hands.

Fortunately you don’t run into anyone on the way out, and escape into the men’s bathroom in the hope of tidying Rachel up before you make your way home. Dragging Rachel into a stall, you sit down on the toilet to try and catch your breath, slipping the phone into your pocket. Slowly you look up. Despite what just happened, you feel your dick begin to swell at the sight of your beautiful girlfriend. Rachel’s pretty face is a mess of smeared lipstick and makeup. John must have cum an amazing amount — there are spots of cum on her chin, her neck, and even and some in her hair.

“What the fuck was that Rachel? You’re my girlfriend for god’s sake!”

“I’m sorry honey. But it’s like I explained, John just seems to have brought out this inner slut I never knew existed. I couldn’t help myself. Even if you did man up, he has the pictures after all,” she trails off, stepping toward you. “I know I’ve been a real bitch, but it doesn’t have to be exactly like John says. I don’t have to only be his slut. If you want me too, I can be yours?” Rachel continues, kneeling down and smiling at you as she fishes your swelling member out of your pants.

“Hmmm… looks like this little man still wants me. Do you?” asks your girlfriend, leaning forward and sliding her lips over your dick, bathing the knob with her warm, wet tongue.