Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

“What the hell do you mean — ‘only his slut,’ Rachel?” you growl, pulling her head up from your crotch roughly.

“I can’t help it honey. I’ve told you. It gets me so hot. You’ve never made me feel like this. I wish you had, I love you…” Rachel trails off. “John has the pictures now anyway, so there’s no going back…”

“If he didn’t have the pictures?” you ask, thinking about the phone in your pocket.

“Then I could be yours. Only yours. If you still want me?” whispers your girlfriend. You slowly reach into your pocket and dig out the phone and swipe the lock screen, internally breathing a sigh of relief at the lack of a PIN code. You open the Messages App and select the texts from John and Rachel. Turning the phone around you show Rachel as you hit Delete. Next you open the Photos App and sure enough, John saved the incriminating pictures.

There’s the one of Rachel topless smiling at the camera, only intended for you but which started the whole mess, before the rapid degradation of you both. There’s your swollen dick alongside a ruler, and there’s John’s cock held by your girlfriend, showing it to be much larger than yours, and then finally there’s Rachel looking up at the camera with her cheeks hollowed in as she sucks John’s cock. You show Rachel once again as you delete them, and then once again as you clear the “recently deleted” folder.

“They’re all gone now Rachel. Whose slut are you now?” you ask meaningfully.

Locking her eyes on yours, Rachel responds by slowly reaching out for your dick.

“Yours. I. Am. Only. Your. Slut,” moans Rachel, each word punctuated by her perfect red lips sliding down and back up over the entire length of your painfully erect dick, her eyes never leaving yours.

“Say my name, you slut!”

It’s too much for you to take, and you explode into her open mouth just as she says, “Ross.”

The End