Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

“Good, get on your knees, cunt,” you order, and your horny girlfriend scrambles to please you. Quickly you jog downstairs and grab a few things before heading back up. Thankful you never actually bought that dog, you turn and say, “Slut! Here!”

Rachel starts to get up. “No, slut, hands and knees!’ Rachel crawls towards you and you pull from behind your back a thin, pink dog collar,

“On your knees,” you command, and she pops onto her knees. You strap the collar around her neck, before locking a small padlock to keep it in place.

“This shows you’re mine cunt,” you say. “Don’t forget it.”

“No master, I won’t,’ she replies.

“Good girl,” you say, before tying her leash to the bottom of the bed. “You can sleep at my feet tonight, you will need the rest for tomorrow.”