Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

Morning glory doesn’t fail you, and your hard-on feels as hard as ever, and so, slapping Rachel on the ass, you wake her up and have her pleasure you to orgasm.

“Come on then, slut,” you say, yanking on her leash. You smile as you notice she stops herself getting up, and instead crawls after you. After a bowl of dry cereal for her and toast for you, breakfast is done and you’re standing tall once more, and so you fuck Rachel quickly before beginning.

Forcefully you tie her hands to the headboard and feet to her thighs, frog-tying her. You also add an inflatable butt-plug up her ass as a finishing touch and begin.

“You know what you are?” you ask her.

“A dirty slut, master,” she responds.

“And what do dirty sluts love, then?”

“Cock, master.”

“Not what I was looking for, slut!” you shout, swatting her nipple with your hand.

Wincing she inhales, “Sex, master?”

Displeased again, you swat the other nipple.

“I don’t know, master,” she pleads.

“I know you don’t, slut,” you grin, grabbing her mouth. “Most dirty sluts don’t, but they get it anyway. Dirty sluts love to cum, cunt.”

“Oh master, it’s so obvious now.”

“Yes it is, even a dumb slut likes you sees it,” you reply. “When I first found this out I thought, how could I use this? Well I have an answer, I just need to put it into practice.”

“Okay master, what is it?’ Rachel asks fearfully.

“Well, let’s let you find out.” You reach into her nightstand and remove a vibrating egg and wand! “I’m glad you had these, it would be terribly awkward if I had had to buy them.”

You push the egg into Rachel’s mouth, then turn it on and push it up her pussy. Then you switch on the wand and rub it up her slit.

“Remember, you belong to me, and that includes your orgasms. You must ask me if you may cum.”

“’Yes master.”

After five minutes the inevitable question occurs.

“Please may I cum, master?”

“No you may not, slut,” you reply devilishly. On top of this, you give the pump for her butt plug a big squeeze, inflating it, and tell her you will do this each time she asks.

Ten minutes pass and still she may not cum, though her plug is becoming considerably larger. After eight squeezes over twenty minutes, during which you lower the vibrator three times so she won’t cum, Rachel is shaking like a leaf holding her orgasm. You take the egg out her pussy and she sighs in defeat.

“Be back soon,” you tell her. “No cummies while I’m gone.”

You leave your girlfriend still tied. You have some shopping to do.