Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Gen Grey...)

Although your cock tells you to stay and play with Brooke, you know that Rachel is probably just getting out of the shower and will be left waiting if you take too long.

You turn down the cashier’s tempting offer, “Maybe some other time, Brooke, I need to get back to my place.”

She nods dejectedly, looking incredibly disappointed.

You decide to buy some rope, a bright pink ballgag for your sexy little girlfriend, a simple black collar, and a fun-looking inflatable butt-plug.

As you pay and begin to walk out, something catches your eye. There, on one of the racks is a leash. It would be perfect for leading Rachel around like the slutty little slave she is. “Can I get this too?” you ask.

“Consider it a gift,” says Brooke, “as long as you come back sometime and let me model for you.”

You agree quickly with a grin, and head out. “Rachel must be waiting by now,” you think as you drive home, “How should I begin my domination of her?”