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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

Three hours, two sex shops and a quick bite to eat later, and you are back at the house you’re your shopping completed. You put away the food and move into the bedroom. Rachel is still lying there, frustrated as ever, pussy lips swollen and wet.

“Still horny, slut?” you ask.

“Yes master,” she nods eagerly.

“Good, now where were we?” You smile deviously, and once more insert the vibrating egg and begin teasing her pussy. Subjecting her to more denial, you deny her all release she has built the need for during the day, and after ten minutes Rachel can barely speak from unfulfilled pleasure.

“That’s enough,” you say, ending the activity. Slowly you untie her legs and massage feeling back into them.

“Thank you master,” she whispers.

“Dont worry slut,” you reply. “Now, as I told you, I wanted to try something out. Yes?”

“Yes, master.”

“Well, here is step one, slut,” and from a big bag you pull a stainless steel chastity belt. “Now lift up those legs, let’s get it on.”

Shaking her head, Rachel says, “No!”

“Did you say no?” you ask, drawing out a new flogger and striking her stomach with it. “It is this or tit-torture, slut. Pick!”

Slowly she lifts her legs up and you attach the belt like a diaper, putting a big heavy padlock on to lock it.

“I love a girl in matching lingerie,” you say, pulling out a chastity bra. Slowly you attach that and untie Rachel. You explain that she won’t have to wear it for long at first, but for every day she asks for an outfit, she will get a time extension. Furthermore, all clothes will be chosen by you, as will release times.

“That’s about it,” you finish. “Now go downstairs, there is some fun for me to have!”