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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Gen Grey...)

“Let’s change the rules and try the bedroom,” you beg. “Please Amy! I’ve wanted this for forever, and now that we’re being open about things… I just thought maybe we could try something new.”

Amy ponders it for a few tense moments. The awkward silence fills the room. Finally she begins to speak “Look, I can’t…” she stops. “We shouldn’t…” Amy struggles to find the right words

Rachel cuts in. “It’s okay Amy, as long as you go with what you really want. What I know you both want.”

A few more moments and Amy gives in. “It’s what I wanted so bad when we were younger, I just never thought we could… let’s take it nice and easy and try things from there.”

“That’s my sister!” You reach out to hug her and she nearly falls into your waiting arms, her warm breasts pressed against you through her clothing. You can tell she has no bra on underneath. Perhaps she secretly knew why you wanted her to come over all along.

“What should we try first, sis?”