Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Pablosilva...)

Your girlfriend stands in the doorway as you’re balls deep her gorgeous best friend. She isn’t happy, but you and her best friend are. In fact, you don’t even stop. You keep fucking Monica slowly whilst Rachel stands there, speechless.

You pull out your cock and tell your girlfriend that you’re sorry, and you were both so horny you couldn’t help yourselves. You beg her to get in, and finish what her best friend has started. She happily obliges, and practically rips off her black lace underwear.

Rachel jumps in and instantly gets to work on your rock hard cock. She’s bent oven in front of you, sliding back and forth on your dick, and her best friend is getting none. You take matters into your own hands and call Monica over, and plunge two fingers into her cunt (which is still soaking wet from her cum.) She likes this, a lot, and she starts to moan, just as your girlfriend does the same. You’re having fun.

Just then it occurs to you that you can have a lot more fun out of the shower, so, taking this into account, you stop right then and there, much to the girls’ dismay. You tell them to get out and dry each other off. You get out and watch as you dry yourself, your still-hard cock bouncing as you brush over it with the towel.

You usher the girls into the bedroom and tell them to get onto the bed and touch each other. You stand back and watch with delight as your girlfriend and her best friend (who you’ve wanted to fuck since you met her) simultaneously finger each other. You can’t wait any longer…

You practically run over to the bed and you position both girls on their hands and knees, asses in the air. You slide your cock into Rachel’s soaking wet pussy. Then you switch to Monica’s. You can’t decide who’s is better, but if you had to choose, it would probably not be your girlfriend’s.

You fuck Rachel while you plunge two fingers into Monica’s wet cunt. You do this until they both cum, which doesn’t take long, and then you switch. You — finally — fuck her best friend again and this time you finger Rachel. They both cum within minutes and you all lie together, panting, in ecstasy.