Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by W. T. Blodgett...)

You grab the girl by her long brown hair and pull her into the farthest stall and lock the door.

“What do you want to do first, big boy?” she asks while she takes off her skimpy shirt, revealing her 32C boobs without a bra on.

You grab her boobs and start groping them, feeling her nipples harden. Then you grab her shoulders and push her onto her knees. She unzips your pants and pulls down your briefs. Your dick springs out and slaps her in the face.

“Mmmm,” she moans, mostly to herself, as she looks at your nine inch dick. Then she takes her lips and places them on the tip of your cock and starts sucking.

“Oh baby,” you moan as she twirls her tongue around your penis head and sucks on it. Hearing you moan she starts bobbing her head up and down your dick.

You can’t stand not being fully inside her mouth, so you grab her head and start face-fucking her as she gags on your cock. She maintains eye contact with you the whole time as you watch her beautiful face bob up and down your cock, her pink lips stretching around the shaft. You study every little detail of her face — the lust in her brown eyes, the freckles spread evenly across the beautiful canvas of her face, her defined jaw outline that gets wide slowly, and her small perfect nose that’s slightly hooked.

You feel a familiar feeling and you warn her that you’re going to cum. She pops her head off your dick and grabs it with her hand and jerks it off to her face, with her mouth agape and her tongue sticking out like a platform.

You balls explode what feels like gallons of sperm all over her beautiful face, covering it in your cum.

She rubs her finger around her face rubbing the cum everywhere while smiling at you. Then she licks her finger off and sucks it. She seductively pulls it out of her mouth while sucking on it and gives you a wink.