Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by W. T. Blodgett...)

You decide to bring the girl to the alley out back and fuck her. You grab her hand and lead her outside to where the mattress is lying on the ground.

“Oh! What is this?” she asks as she climbs onto the mattress.

“A little surprise,” you say as your dick twitches in your pants. She starts to give you a strip dance and you pull out your dick to masturbate.

“No, no, no,” she says and puts your dick back in your briefs. “We don’t want you to blow your load too early, would we?”

She goes back onto the mattress and starts dancing again. Your dick is straining at the sight of her.

The girl grabs the bottom of her top, crossing her arms, and pulls it up, revealing her pale white stomach. As she continues to pull it up her breasts flop out, showing to the world her bra-less 32C boobs. Her nipples harden up as a cool breeze blows though the alley.

She puts her hands on both sides of her boobs and starts groping her own breasts, massaging and pinching her tits as she moans, her light brown hair covering part of her face. She traces her hands along her body until they reach her hips, then she sticks her thumbs into the sides of the waistband of her tiny denim booty shorts. The shorts are at least three inches too small and are threatening to rip open. She struggles to get them off and wiggles as she tries to pull them down.

The girl finally gets them off and her ass spills out of them. She grabs her thong and pulls upwards until the thin strip of cloth cuts through her pussy, spreading her bulging lips. She lets go of the panties but they stay in place and with one hand she rubs her pussy and with her other hand she massages her breast.

Finally she stops masturbating and struts towards you, her ass and boobs jiggling with each step. She unbuttons your belt, unzips your pants and pulls down your briefs. Your dick springs out and slaps her in the face.

“Mmmm,” she moans, mostly to herself, as she looks at your nine inch dick. Then she takes her lips and places them on the tip of your cock and starts sucking.

“Oh baby,” you moan as she twirls her tongue around your penis head and sucks on it. Hearing you moan she starts bobbing her head up and down your dick.

You can’t stand not being fully inside her mouth, so you grab her head and start face-fucking her as she gags on your cock. She maintains eye contact with you the whole time as you watch her beautiful face bob up and down your cock, her pink lips stretching around the shaft. You study every little detail of her face — the lust in her brown eyes, the freckles spread evenly across the beautiful canvas of her face, her defined jaw outline that gets wide slowly, and her small perfect nose that’s slightly hooked.

You feel a familiar feeling and you warn her that you’re going to cum. She pops her head off your dick and grabs it with her hand and jerks it off to her face, with her mouth agape and her tongue sticking out like a platform.

You balls explode what feels like gallons of sperm all over her beautiful face, covering it in your cum.

You hear a noise and turn around to see the bouncer, who promptly punches you in the face and knocks you out.

Well at least you got to cum on a girl’s face whose name you never learned.

The End