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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Gen Grey...)

Rachel glances up at the clock and sees that it is nearly 11:00 pm. “How late is your sister usually up?” she asks.

You nearly burst into laughter at her question. “She’s usually asleep by nine! There is no way she’ll still be awake.”

“I want to try anyways,” Rachel says. “I’m really wanting to taste her.”

You watch your girlfriend find her cellphone and dial the number. A long silence follows as you tensely wait to see if she picks up the phone.

“Hi Amy, this is Rachel… did I wake you up?… Good, I was hoping you were still awake. I have a bit of an… interesting question… Would you be interested in a threesome with me and… your brother? Come on, you know it’d be hot… I’ll ease you into it… Thanks Amy, come in like, thirty minutes, okay?”

“It’s a go!” your girlfriend practically screams as she hangs up. You’ve never seen her like this. It’s like she’s a little girl in a candy store and she got exactly what she wanted. It scares you a little.