Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

“Okay my sexy little airhead, I think you’d make a fine beer wench!” you chuckle, looking into Rachel’s pleading eyes. “How does that sound?”

Rachel stares back at you with a bit of confusion slipping over her face. “What does that mean? I’ve never heard of a beer wench?” she replies. “You know I don’t drink beer…”

Trying to resist the urge to laugh too much, you respond, “Wow, you really are a bimbo aren’t you? A beer wench serves beer. They don’t drink it. I’ll explain slowly, so you can understand.”

“Okay baby, but use simple words,” replies Rachel, slipping back into her bimbo voice. “You know I get confused so easily!” She tilts her head to one side in concentration and twirls her hair around her finger.

Slowing your speech down like you’re talking to a child, you explain. “It’s like this, babe. The guys and I are watching the football game this weekend, right? And we like to have a few beers…”

“Yeah, I think I get it now! I serve the beers to all you guys, right?” interrupts your girlfriend, excitement lighting up her pretty face.

“Now you’re getting there! You’re pretty quick for such a vacant bimbo! But that’s not all. A beer wench has to dress right too,” you reply, dragging out the conversation.

“I don’t get it babe. What do I gotta wear? I’m getting all confused again!” says Rachel in a very convincing bimbo voice, although you can see a mischievous sexy sparkle in her eyes.

Smiling at your girlfriend, you continue. “Well, they usually wear shorts and a bikini. Guys like a little eye candy with their football and beer.”

“Oh! Oh! You mean like some Daisy Duke shorts? But I don’t have any of those — what can I do?” responds Rachel, biting on her finger in a convincing show of confusion, despite her eyes telling you otherwise. “Should I go out and buy some maybe? It sure sounds like fun!”

“I’m sure it will be fun, Rachel. And yes, I expect my little bimbo girlfriend to organize her own clothes. But Saturday is a while off. Why don’t you show me how appreciative you are for now? Let’s work on that intense desire for cock!”

Rachel has no trouble understanding that instruction. She leans forward and reaches her hand around your swollen member. You groan as she sinks her slutty little bimbo mouth over your cock while looking up into your eyes. “Thank you Ross, I hope I can make you happy,” your girlfriend slurps. “I just hope I don’t mess things with your friends. I know I’m just a silly little bimbo…”

You look at your girlfriend with her mouth sliding up and down your cock, and this sight, combined with the thought of what might await, are too much. You explode wad after wad into Rachel’s warm and willing mouth, as she keeps sucking you dry of every last drop. The two of you collapse on the bed and drift off into sleep.

The next day you wake up and eat breakfast as though nothing happened, just like it’s a regular Friday morning. You don’t mention the night before, suspecting that Rachel just got carried away, and is probably embarrassed. As you go your separate ways to work, Rachel gives you a deep kiss.

“See ya at home babe! I might be a bit late — I got shopping to do after work!” she says, her head tilted to one side and her finger curling around her hair, a subtle but wicked smile appearing at the corner of her mouth.

You stand there staring at Rachel’s gorgeous legs as turns and walks away, watching her curvy ass wiggle from side to side. You spend the entire day at work not doing much but imagining your girlfriend parading around, serving beer to your friends like a vacant little airhead, bare-footed and dressed in tight denim shorts and bikini top. The guys will go nuts.

But you can’t decide if Rachel is just messing with you. Is she playing along in a private fantasy, or does she really mean to go through with it? Either way, you’re pretty happy with having such a sexy girlfriend who’s capable of doing a very convincing bimbo slut routine.