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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

You decide to wait it out. As you watch, the men finish their assault on Rachel’s body, cumming all over her and inside her several times. Eventually they file out one by one, leaving Rachel lying spent on the table covered in jizz, alone in the room with John. He pops his mostly-softened cock back into her mouth, and she suckles gently at it. You can’t help but notice that he’s impressively large even soft.

Eventually John seems satisfied that his dick is cleaned and polished, and he briefly leaves the video. He quickly comes back with some towels, and assists Rachel in cleaning herself up. Even in this act of kindness you perceive a certain smugness about him, and it’s almost harder to watch than the crazy orgy that occurred a few minutes ago.

John gives Rachel a large trench coat, and that answers your question of how she’s getting home. You practically fly out the building, taking a back exit you know about and sprinting for your car. You want to beat Rachel home, but she clearly takes her time. By the time she arrives home, most of her stuff is already on the porch. It’s an ugly breakup, but even she knows it’s justified. This thing has gone way too far.

The End