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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

“How about this weekend?” you suggest, and Rachel agrees readily.

You have a hard one all week thinking about the trip to the club coming up. At work you sneak away to the bathroom to jack off a few times. Finally the night arrives and your girlfriend has emerged from getting ready. She is in a short, tight black dress that hugs her curves and leaves your mouth hanging open.

“Rachel, you look hot!” you stammer. “How about a quickie?”

She doesn’t appear to hear you. “I think it’s kind of a waste,” she replies as she adjusts her breasts and tugs the waist down. “No one is going to see me.”

Rachel starts admiring herself in the mirror, shifting her weight from one hip to the other and arching her back so her ass wiggles temptingly. You have to adjust your rapidly-swelling cock to relieve the pressure.

“Should we get going?” she asks as she looks over her shoulder and lets her eyes drop down to the bulge in your pants. She oh-so-subtly licks her lips.

It’s as though she has mentally put her hand around your hard cock and is using it like a leash. because you would follow her anywhere. The trip to the club is just a foggy haze with your mind racing through fantasies of what’s going to happen once you get to the club and the sight of your girlfriend in the next seat with that short dress riding up and her rubbing her smooth legs together. She must be as horny as she has ever been.

The club is loud and dark as you head towards the back restroom.

Rachel grabs your shoulder and stretches to reach your ear. “ Should we go in together?” She sounds out of breath and the whisper makes your cock ache even more. There’s no reason that you couldn’t have your own fantasy while she has hers.

“It would be so hot to watch your girlfriend enjoying other men, wouldn’t it?” whispers Rachel, almost nipping your ear with her teeth. “Or you could be one of those other men…”