Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

“I’ll watch,” you reply, not wanting to miss the chance to watch your girlfriend suck faceless cock.

You walk with her past a long line of men to the restroom door. It’s guarded by a bouncer.

“Guys have to wait in line,” he says in an uninterested tone that tells you he says it a thousand times a day.

“It’s okay,” Rachel says as she cuddles up next to him, shamelessly flirting. “He’s my man and he’s going to watch!”

A chorus of cheers and whistles erupt from the waiting men. You have no idea if Rachel is trying to butter up the bouncer or if she’s just out of her mind horny, because she’s running a finger down his cheek and her other hand is running down his stomach almost to his belt.

“Anybody gives you trouble and you just call me, okay sweetie?” the bouncer says with a grin as he puts his arm around her. “Some guys can get rough.”

“That’s what I’m hoping,” she replies.

He opens the door to let you in. Your girlfriend leads you into the center stall and then she latches the door behind you. The walls are stained below the holes cut into both walls and so is the floor. It has the smell of a hospital and isn’t sticky.

“I’m glad they clean it good,” you mutter under your breath.

The toilet has been removed and there is a cheap chair in the corner. You aren’t brave enough to sit there though.

Rachel almost purrs when she hears the door open and the clack of the stall door. “This is just like my most naughty dream come true. Fuck, I’m ready to suck all those guys in line dry!”

Half-hard dicks emerge from both holes. One is circumcised and the other isn’t. Rachel licks her lips and asks, “Which one should I suck first?”