Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

“It doesn’t matter to me,” you shrug. It really doesn’t. That line of guys will take all night and there’s no hurry.

Rachel squats down and gently grabs the dick around the base and, while facing you and looking into your eyes, slides her tongue along the base of the shaft before giving it a few good pumps with her hand.

“Mmm, this is just what I wanted,” your girlfriend purrs. “It’s just the right size for a warm up.”

The boner is now fully hard and an average size. Rachel’s hand has been working the shaft and caressing the balls all the while she has been staring up at you.

“Do you like that, Ross?” she asks. “You like seeing your girlfriend work another cock?”

She doesn’t wait for you to answer, she just closes her eyes and takes the bare head of the cock into her mouth. She moans as she sucks the tip. Her head and hand are working in seductive union as she blows that cut dick. The guy has started moaning loudly in the other stall and is bucking as Rachel works him over.

With a wet pop she pulls the head from her lips. She looks into your eyes again.

“He’s ready to blow, should I let it explode on these?” Rachel asks as she caresses her tit with one hand, before tucking a thumb into her cleavage and pulling down to let you see her press breasts tight together.