Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by W. T. Blodgett...)

You pick the brunette up and rip off her booty shorts. Then you turn her around and throw her back onto the floor. She looks back at you and seductively whispers that she likes it.

“Shut up bitch,” you say and slap her across the face, leaving a big red mark.

She looks back and bites her lip while wiggling her ass in the air.

You grab her panties and tear them off her ass. You spank her ten times as hard as you can and she yelps every time.

Your dick grows harder watching her red ass jiggle after every slap. You spank her some more and then pull her cheeks open.

You see her little star and you press your knob against it.

“No, please, not there!” she pleads. “I’m still a virgin there!”

“Not anymore, bitch,” you respond as you stuff her panties into her mouth to shut her up. You realign your cock up with her star and press your knob hard against it, but it doesn’t budge because she’s resisting.

You grab her long brown hair and pull her head back. You tell her to relax her ass or it’ll be worse, then you slap her across the face.

You press your knob against her butthole again and grab her hips, pulling her back as hard as you can while shoving your dick forward. You feel it push through her sphincter and into her.

“Ooohhh!” she moans as your dick is shoved into her. You grab her hips and start pumping your dick in and out of her tight asshole. She starts pushing her bottom back against your dick in time with your rhythm. You feel a familiar feeling as your penis begins to tingle and you ram your cock back into her one more time and fill her ass with your cum.

Then you walk outside, leaving the brunette, and your girlfriend Rachel, in the club where they belong.

The End