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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

“I’ve got a better idea,” you tell your girlfriend. “Fuck him and let him cum inside your pussy, you dirty slut!”

Rachel stares at you in surprise, then turns around, bends over and backs up to the hole. She reaches between her legs to grab the engorged shaft and guide the knob to nestle between her lips. Then she slowly starts slide the cock into her already-soaking cunt, until her ass is pressed against the wall.

The cock starts slamming into your girlfriend’s pussy, then after only 30 seconds, pulls out and you see the first load leaking out and dribbling down her inner thighs.

Another cock quickly replaces that one, and soon another load shoots into Rachel’s cunt. As the third cock enters her, she looks at you, grins, and asks, “So, are you sure I’ve been taking my birth control?”