Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Greenwich...)

“So let’s get the party started, shall we?” you proclaim. You secretly figure that since Rachel wanted into this, she might as well be the one to make everyone get into it. “This was all Rachel’s idea, and so to demonstrate everyone’s gratitude for arranging this, why not have her pick someone to give a lap dance to?”

Rachel looks over at you and smiles. She’s pretty good at this, and you’ve often joked that she could do it professionally ever since she took up those pole dancing keep fit classes. Just a shame there’s no pole here, although there is that collapsible one in the box in the bedroom. You kick yourself for not thinking of putting it up until this very second!

While you ponder that thought, Rachel has been busy. She’s walked over to your friend Jamie and grabbed him by the band of his boxer shorts and dragged him over to a chair she’s placed in the middle of the room. She’s begun to gyrate in front of him, which has already had the intended effect on some of the men in the room. They all seem to be fixated as Rachel suddenly plants her ass in Jamie’s lap, and begins rubbing it back and forth as she leans back into him. Breaking the normal rule of a lap dance, although to be expected in this situation, he reaches around and cups your girlfriend’s breasts through her bra.

Suddenly someone yells out, “Take her bra off!” You could have sworn it was Rachel’s Dad, but it couldn’t have been, it must have been one of your old buddies from high school even though they already seem to be hitting on Rachel’s friends from college and your Mom.

You glance back to Rachel and Jamie is fumbling with the clasp to her bra, obviously never having undone one before. This is obviously irritating Rachel since its ruining the flow of her dancing and it looks like she was getting into it, having been rubbing her pussy into Jamie’s crotch. She gets off his lap and kneels in front of him. “If you can’t get my bra off, then I’ll just have to take your shorts off!”

As Rachel pulls them off in one swift motion, the women around the room gasp — heck, some of the men around the room gasp too. How can Jamie be a virgin when his dick is enormous and still hardening? As Rachel grabs his dick, she starts gently jacking him off, while sucking on his balls. This seems to be the impetus everyone was waiting for: you see your mom go to her knees in front of two of your friends before alternately gobbling their dicks in her mouth and beating them off.

Meanwhile your step-sister is standing at the foot of your stairs, beckoning you over, and Rachel’s Dad is making out with her friend Monica while her boss John undoes her bra. Meanwhile her mother is standing in a corner, looking nervously around the room while pushing the ice in her vodka around the glass with a straw.