Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Greenwich...)

You cross the room to where Rachel’s mom is standing. She seems almost nervous to be in this situation, which is unexpected since she’s fully decked out in sexy lingerie including an exquisite black corset with red lace trim and see through panels, along with stockings attached by suspenders. This, combined with her normal slightly brash and usually quite condescending demeanor towards you, has managed to attract you despite the variety of options on display in the room.

You stand next to her and as you are about to speak you are both distracted by a loud “Gak gak gak” noise. It seems that Rachel is now attempting to deep-throat Jamie’s enormous dick. She’s always been up for a challenge and it seems that she isn’t backing down from this one.

“I’d like to say ‘like daughter like mother’ but I’m afraid I don’t think I’m nearly as experienced as Rachel is,” her mom finally says to break the ice between you. “I have to admit I’m very out of my element here, it’s been a long time since I’ve had sex with anyone other than my husband.”

You nod at her, although it’s slightly ironic as her husband is currently eagerly sucking on the nipples of Monica just across the room. “I wouldn’t worry about it. After all, this is what we’re here for, and I have to say you look stunning.”

She really does look stunning, as that corset shows off her ample assets in all the right places. Her hair has obviously just been done and the way she has done her makeup suits her perfectly. Suddenly you realize that you can’t wait to see her with cum plastered across her face. That thought is broken when she reaches out and touches your erection through your underwear. You continue to look at her, while she looks down intently at your hidden swollen member. She glances up and bites on her bottom lip a little, before downing the remaining vodka from her glass and setting it aside.

“I’ve always had a thing for you ever since you stayed over for the first time. You walked down the hallway that one time half-naked, and I’ve been trying to imagine what the other half looks like ever since. I’ve felt bad for it, I love my husband and my daughter, but I’ve wanted you so badly.” She blushes intensely as she makes this admission.

You smile, having never known what how felt about you. Indeed, you’ve often suspected that she didn’t really like you that much. It simply must have been her way of pushing you away so that nothing happened.

“Well it seems that my girlfriend and your husband are both already busy with other things,” you reply, knowing full well that this is an understatement since her husband has started pounding away at Monica’s pussy while Rachel is continuing to suck off Jamie and her boss has moved over to start feeling her up from behind.

“And here I am still fully dressed. Well, relatively! That doesn’t seem right!” says Rachel’s mother. With that, she pulls the cups of the corset down and lifts her breasts up and out into the fresh air. Her rosy red nipples are already pert, and you become intimate with them immediately as she gently pulls your head down into her cleavage. You take a nipple in your mouth and bite down on it gently with your teeth, while she emits a moan. You clutch the other breast with your hand and gently push her back against the wall as you run your tongue around the nipple, teasing her.

She’s obviously getting quite into it, as she continues to moan in response to your touch. She shoves her hand down inside her underwear to begin to play with herself. After a minute or two of alternating your hand and mouth between her breasts, you reach down inside her panties towards her pussy where you can feel her strumming away at her clit. You reach further and plunge two fingers into her.

“Taste how wet you are,” you whisper as you shove those two fingers into her mouth. She sucks on them before pulling them away.

“Are you going to fuck me already, or do I need to ask someone else?” she says, getting angry at you for teasing her back. She seems to have shed any nervousness due to her arousal, and is returning to the type of person you’d expected her to be.

In response, you forcefully bend her over the back of a nearby armchair and pull her panties aside, where you surprisingly find that she has been wearing a butt-plug this entire time.

“Fuck me Ross, fucking do it already!” she commands.