Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Greenwich...)

You decide that, despite the array of options available, you’d best go see your girlfriend. As you approach, you hear a decided “pop” as she releases the suction on one of Jamie’s balls. Since you’ve been together, you’ve learnt quite well what turns her on. That quick blowjob earlier was just as much for her benefit as it was for yours. She is a woman that just loves sucking cock, and here she is, presented with possibly one of her greatest challenges yet.

You kneel behind her and begin rubbing her pussy through her panties. She’s already sopping wet as a result of sucking you off, but now that she’s working on Jamie while being watched by her friends and family she’ll be even wetter. She turns to see who is fondling her and smiles when she sees that it’s you. “You better watch what you’re doing,” you joke. “That thing could take an eye out!”

“I know! I think I’ve only ever see one this big in porn or on a stripper!” Although she’s turned to face you, her rhythm in jacking off Jamie hasn’t relented. “Ross, I’m going to need your help if I’ve going to fuck Jamie — I need you to stretch me out a little first.”

Well, there you go. Your girlfriend is asking you to fuck her in the pussy so that she can fuck someone else with a bigger dick afterwards. And they say that romance is dead. Meanwhile Jamie is just utterly blissed out.

Fucking your girlfriend in front of her friends and family didn’t seem like a great idea at first, but now that it’s going to happen, it’s a massive turn-on. You can’t remember the last time your cock was this hard. You grab her panties and pull them down as she lifts each knee in turn to get out of them. Feeling pretty darn happy, you toss them towards an increasing pile of underwear which has formed in the middle of the room. As you take your underwear off too, she suddenly says, “Wait! I need a better angle on this thing before you make a start.” She turns her attention to your friend. “Jamie, lie on the floor and spread your legs.”

He nods and does as he’s told. With Rachel now on all-fours between his legs, she begins to take his dick in her mouth. Retrieving a condom from a nearby table (you figure you might as well lead by example), you slip back into position behind Rachel’s spread legs. You slap her on the right asscheek, hard, and you smile as you see the hand-shaped red mark begin to appear.

She doesn’t seem to respond much, with her attention fixated on the task in front of her. So you grab the back of her bra for leverage and slam your dick into her pussy in one swift motion. She’s so wet that it actually works, but takes her completely by surprise. She would probably have let out a yell, except the forward push caused her to take much more of Jamie’s dick down her throat than she was expecting.

“Jamie, she loves to have her head pushed up and down when blowing someone,” you say. Certainly three days ago you’d never have considered that you’d be giving advice to your best friend on how to have his dick sucked off by your girlfriend.

You continue to slam your dick into her pussy and for a few minutes you watch as Jamie forces her head up and down on his monster cock. She can’t help but reach down with one of her hands to start rubbing her clit. She’s totally getting off on this in a big way. You never knew your girlfriend obviously had a fantasy about a threesome too! With the handprint fading on her right asscheek, you decide to add a second on her left cheek as well. This elicits a muffled yelp from Rachel, since her mouth is rather full.

You look around the room and people are really starting to get into it. Your step-mom continues to suck off as many of your school friends as can fit around her, while Rachel’s mom has been joined by your step-sister, who is already cupping one of the older lady’s breasts through her corset and is gently rubbing at her pussy. The things you’re learning about people here already!

You continue to hammer at Rachel’s pussy, as hard as you ever have. You love the way that this causes her body to tremble, especially with the exertion of supporting herself with one arm as she plays with herself with the other hand. Her body is radiating heat and has blushed a light crimson as she approaches orgasm.

She seems to have had enough as she forgoes rubbing herself to reach up and pry Jamie’s hand’s off her head. As she lifts her head off his dick, she breathes a sigh of relief quickly. She’s ready for him.