Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Greenwich...)

This is all a bit much for you, and you decide you need a proper drink. You keep the decent scotch in a cupboard in the kitchen, so you start to make your way over there to see if it helps. This does mean walking past your step-mom, who is on her knees in front of two of your high-school friends, although sadly both of them are douches who you never liked and they’ve tagged along with the people you actually invited.

As you shuffle past, her hand juts out and grabs you firmly by the dick. “Okay then, I guess the scotch is going to wait,” you figure. As her head bobs up and down on another man’s cock, and she whacks off another with her left hand, her right hand works your cock out of your pants. You’re not entirely sure to do. Sure, you’ve whacked off over the thought of your step-mother many a time. She’s one sexy MILF, but you’ve never thought of actually doing anything about it and you’d never considered that something could happen, even under these circumstances.

These thoughts evaporate entirely as her hand moves up and down your shaft. She rubs the tip gently, before raking the underside with her nails. You realise that you’ve wanted this for a long time. But then panic sets in — perhaps she just grabbed the dick that was passing and doesn’t know that it is you. There’s at least three men here wearing the same type and shade of underwear as you. Almost sensing your panic, she pulls the cock out of her mouth and says, “I think it’s about time I sucked off my step-son, don’t you think, Ross?” She looks up and you and winks.

You take a side step into the middle position, swapping with one of the douches; he was that guy on the sports team that kept cheating on his girlfriend. Douche. Mind you, you’re about to get blown by your step-mom and Rachel is somewhere behind you either sucking or fucking Jamie by now. With that realization, and as she opens her mouth to say something, you grab your step-mom by the back of the head and impale her mouth on your cock.

You dirty mother-fucker you. It’s every bit as amazing as you’ve always imagined. Even that one time that your step-sister Amy blew you doesn’t compare to this. This woman has a real talent. Despite the sudden presence of your cock in her mouth, she doesn’t seem taken aback and still has the ability to swirl her tongue around as you plunge it in and out.

Soon the sports douche announces that he’s about to cum. He doesn’t give your mom any time to do anything, and spurts cum over the side of her face and into her hair while she sucks you off. The other douche yells “Bukkake!” and they high five. Douches.

She pulls your dick out and says to him, “Next time give me some warning, I love to swallow.” Then she squeezes the tip of your cock and looks up at you. “Keep that in mind.”

Your step-mother is a picture, with her hand freed up from the sports douche, she squeezes your balls vigorously as sticky cum runs down the side of her face. She wipes a little away with her fingertips before it goes into her eye, licking them off one by one seductively. “Now boys, I’m going to need someone to fuck my ass while I do this. Do I have any volunteers? Don’t forget the lube!”