Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

As you finally flag down the bartender for a drink, you turn to see your girlfriend’s best friend, Monica.

“Hey how’s it going?” you ask, shouting to be heard over the noise around the bar.

“Just getting a drink,” she quickly replies, but it looks like she’s lying. “Where’s Rachel?”

You take a moment to weigh your options, and as you look Monica over you see tell-tale signs that point to why she’s there. Her lipstick is smeared but reapplied and her mascara has tiny runs from the corner of her eyes. One stocking is ungartered and she has soapy white drips on her hands and neck. You think yourself an amateur sleuth, but figuring out Monica has just come from cleaning up from the gloryhole has got to be your greatest detective feat. Now you just need to play the charm and see where it leads.

“Rachel is living her fantasy in the gloryhole,” you answer. “She wanted me to watch her fuck a stranger.”

Monica looks embarrassed.

“Don’t get me wrong,” you add. “I don’t judge her. In fact it makes me want to live my fantasy.”

“And what is that?”

“Being here a little earlier so that you could have sucked my cock,” you almost whisper as you press in close.

You use her moment of shock to wrap one hand around her and place it low on her back. Monica has nowhere to go and, after trying to avoid your eyes in shame, she finally looks up at you. You reach up and play with a trail of jizz that leads down her cleavage.

“I have wanted you so badly since Rachel introduced us.” You lean into her ear as you press her against you. “You are hot as fuck.”

The surprise has worn off and Monica looks you deep in the eye before licking the jizz off your finger. “Shall we go show your girlfriend how hot it is to watch her man play her game?”