Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

With a loud moan and a quick thrust in her hand the cock explodes all over the side of Rachel’s face.

“I wasn’t planning this until after a few good blowjobs,” your girlfriend says as she tries to clean her face off with her fingers. She takes a lick and seems to be driven crazy by the salty taste.

She looks at you with a sexy smile slowly spreading across her dripping face. She parts her lips and lets a long white sticky strand of cum drip down her chin before licking it and swallowing temptingly.

Rachel dives at the next waiting dick and sucks it with abandon. At first she keeps an eye on you and your twitching, growing bulge, but after a few quick guys blowing their loads, she just closes her eyes and becomes an animal. A few more loads and her face is covered and strands of jizz are stuck in her hair and have dripped down to cover her breasts.

Finally she takes a moment to catch her breath while slowly pumping two stiffies from opposite sides of the stall.

“Do you like that?” she purrs to you.

You can hear each guy in the other stalls moan a yes.

“Take out your dick and jerk it for me, Ross.”

It’s only been the surprise of your girlfriend’s need for cock that has kept you from playing with yourself up to this point.

“Are you man enough to fuck me how I need to be fucked,” Rachel asks, “or do I need to use one of these?”